Exciting Innovative Company Goals for the New Year

Your company goals for your business change over time… This site contains affiliate links, which means I can earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase. We greatly appreciate your support! Read our full affiliate disclosure on site. I learned this year what I didn’t want  -when it […]

10 Exciting Pro Blogger Tips on Social Media Marketing

Learn how to blog and become a…. PRO Blogger Did you know that 82% of marketers who blog consistently (at least on a weekly basis) -acquired a customer from using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog sporadically or only monthly? This post appeared on Marketing Offline Online April 23, 2018   Businesses that blog […]

Blog Promotion using MissingLettr

Do You Have a Problem? It may be your blog promotion You’ve got a great blog… You’re talking to other people who blog every day… …but you can’t seem to get them to your site.  What up with that? This first appeared on Marketing Offline Online in Aug 2017. Updated for a New conference. More often […]

Content Calendar Publishing Utilizing the Power 0f Asana

  Asana is a content calendar that is a  cloud-based task management app to facilitate team communication and collaboration. It can work for personal task management as for bloggers and solopreneurs but is also suited for management of teams for project management. Asana helps to manage tasks and people effectively. Asana is iOS or Android app If you have […]

Business Organization End of The YEAR Tips

  Will you reach your goals for the year? Business Organization   1.  Be Crystal Clear About Your Goals If you are selling an item,  whether it’s an idea, or your company’s product or your own service. Writing content that adds email subscribers to your list is the way to go. Each email is a potential […]

Pinterest Marketing

Do you think you know about Pinterest Marketing? What you DO NOT know about Pinterest may just be something you should know. Don’t hold yourself back concerning your website/blog traffic. Pick up some tips here on Pinterest marketing … It’s free traffic. Sign up at bottom of this article. Getting your content seen on Pinterest marketing is now going […]

Interesting Simple Tips to Get Your Marketing Strategy Accomplished

  A marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts There are quite a few things to include. It can be a written strategy about how your business can achieve its goals. (Some of these links are affiliate links that I use and love.) It also could include how to obtain your competitive edge by taking […]

Content Marketing Plan

 Content Marketing Plan for Marketers & Bloggers If you are ambitious, your goals will not be achieved without a plan. What is Content Marketing? It’s all about the creation of content,  optimizing it for the search engines and also promoting it to your own audience. It is also that ” know like and trust” factor. Becoming known […]

5 Brand Design Graphics You Need

Need some ideas on how to promote your business brand design or increase demand for your services? Let’s start with 5 brand design graphics that will help  promotions for your business and increase your visibility.        While there are many different ways to promote your offers; if you are just starting out or you […]

Attraction Marketing

 Attraction Marketing …What Is It? It’s  an Attraction Marketing System… Techniques to Attract Customers with Optimization – (it allows people to discover you, just like the meta-text of a website.) -Dictionary.com The old style of marketing was a PUSH type of marketing which involved high-pressure sales tactics or manipulation in getting you to enroll into […]

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