A Brand Color Palette for your Blog

Updated from Oct 25, 2017 No matter how it is spelled, COLOR -USA, or COLOUR -CDN, we all know that colour spells interest on our websites. Think of well-known brands,  Coca-Cola without its beautiful red? Do you know which colors to use that will appeal to your audience? What does the color on your site say […]

Site Hosting

If you are thinking of starting a blog… WordPress Hosting No One Blogging Platform is Right for Everyone “Different bloggers have different needs”, and different blogging platforms are good for different things. Ultimately the “best” one will depend on you and your situation.” This site contains affiliate links, which means we can earn a small […]

Websites with Great Design Developers for Your Business

As you well may know, creating websites can be nothing short of intimidating. It can take a few weeks for even a few months to get it done right. Learning all about how to build great websites can take years, as it was in my case. Over the years I have learned quite a lot about creating websites. I learned […]

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