When I started with ConvertKit I didn’t get it.
They have all these new features that I wasn’t familiar with.

So for others new to ConvertKit here are some terms in my beginner’s guide to using ConvertKit.



An email service provider built by bloggers especially for bloggers.
Helping you keep track of the stats and activities on your site, following through with all of your email marketing to help grow your email list.


Quick tip: The amount you pay is based on the number of subscribers, unlike others who charge twice for the same subscriber.

So a quick walkthrough of what you can expect.
After signing up and logging in, you are taken to the homepage. The first thing you see is a graph with your subscribers underneath it.

If you hover over the graph you can see how many subscribers have opted into that content upgrade that day. Very different from any other autoresponder.

Upper left of the homepage below the subscribers’ section, you see all the forms you have created. These can be embedded on your site. When someone visits your website they can type in their email to subscribe to
your newsletter and receive a content upgrade, or get a  coupon etc.
Forms are customizable as to colours and styles to match your brand. You are also able to program it to a specific
action when that visitor hits a button.

I found this perfect video by Jessi Fearon that explains other features of ConvertKit

The next tab is Sequences. You can start making email sequences for the forms and landing pages. Program these
sequences to send out emails during a specific period of time. Starting when a person signs up and subscribes.

Emails are sent out automatically and each is highly customizable.
You may specify the date, time and also leave out some subscribers that you don’t want the email sent to.
If a person fills out a form, you can set it up so that it will be a trigger for another sequence of emails to be sent that is related to that first form. You can also tag a subscriber for another sequence of emails if they download a certain link or fill out another form.

Sequences can continually make contact with your readers without having to constantly write new newsletters.
This builds rapport with your readers without the additional effort.

This is an email that is sent out on its own.
You can choose the send to all your subscribers or to a specific list of people that you are targeting. You are able to schedule this to be sent out at a certain time and date as well. You may also specify the colours, styles and format.

After the broadcast tab is the subscriber’s tab.
This is the list of your entire email list and their specific groups. Groups are defined by tags. Tagging certain subscribers can automatically trigger ConvertKit to send them a certain sequence of emails that they would most likely be of interest and can save them in a tag (group)

When you make a sequence, you can specify which tags, (meaning which people) will receive that series of emails.
One subscriber can have more than one tag that is manually assigned by you or automatically assigned based on their


The last tab is the Automation tab.

These are certain rules you apply to your email sequences. Example: When someone subscribes or gets tagged clicks on a link etc am action happens in return. It’s easy to understand when you have done it a  few times.

This is what sold me on switching to ConvertKit    (Subscribers with much more targeted info.)

A favorite automation: Adding someone to a tag or sequence when they click on a link. In that way, I can ask what they are interested in based on the link they clicked and so automatically subscribe them to a relevant sequence of emails.

One other way is to use the automation feature when promoting your own products or even affiliate products.
When someone clicks on the link to your product or affiliate product they are then added to a “special name the list” list.

Sign up with ConvertKit

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1. Click here to go to the ConvertKit homepage
2. Click “Get Started”
3. Choose your list size
4. Enter your information to finish setting up your account.


If you have any questions, simply hit reply to my emails that you sign up on. I will get back to you asap 1 day generally.