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Kathryn Maclean Racicot
When YOU started your business, (just like me,) you believed in a vision and an impact  that you would have for the people you wanted to serve.

This is what I had in mind when I started working on a website for my business.Doing all-the-things I  realized  that creating a beautiful business from scratch was  darn hard work! ..and I  I just loved doing it.

 You  too?   No More spending hours trying to learn how to figure it all out on your own!

To find out more ... let me be your Web Tech Assistant for the day with a VIP DAY!
Client Guide

Hi, I’m happy you're here

My name is Kathryn.  I learned quite some time ago that running a business online or offline is not so easy to do... 

My husband and I owned a business offline for over 12 years. When we started we had no idea of how to run a business.

My background  is in commercial art, paired with my passion for being a creator, prepared me to help other women on similar journeys. 

We have so much to learn from each other. I want to share everything I know.Each client receives a Welcome Guide to help us work together. I use 17hats my CRM.


With a "VIP Design Day" we can check off your tasks

What can we really accomplish in a single day?

To be honest, it really depends! The complexity of projects vary from one person to the next. During our planning call we'll talk through all of the things on your list and prioritize them in order. 
Every project is different,  some examples of the type of design projects we can do in a day:
  •   Workbooks
  • Social media graphics
  •   Lead Magnet Design
  •   Email Template Design
  •    Proposal + Welcome  PDFs
  •   Mini Brand Kits ,  colour palettes, fonts 
  •   Website Refresh
  •    Site Template Installation
  •    Sales Page Design
  •    Additional Website Pages 
  •    Blog Graphics
  •    Course Landing Page

    Have another idea? Let me know what it is!
    "Lets do It"  See Contact page below

 I'll usually be able to provide you with an estimate of what we can complete on the day, but it's  important you know that you're paying for my time and my experience, not specific types of deliverables.  (A deliverable is any product, service, or result that must be completed to finish a project.) 

        TEMPLATES and more...visit these wonderful Designer's Products.

Stock by Jewels  with Julie Butler

I use these stock images on my sites.

All the pieces you need to have a profitable business and a beautiful website you love that works on autopilot. Stock photos that represent REAL and authentic women entrepreneurs.

She Bold with  Jasmine Hunt

The Only Styled Stock Photography that helps Women entrepreneurs professionally create a visually stunning brand online with use of brand strategy!
Your Journal

  Click pic to visit Biz Sister templates on Canva (where I created this journal)

Blu Chic

 Kathie and Husband with

Blu Chic 

Your Website needs to look the part to make your big  dreams happen for your business. We love Blu Chic.

The Launch Your Dream WordPress Website
You'll love it if: you've been thinking about building your own WordPress website for months but don’t know where to start.
You want a step-by-step lessons that will show you exactly how to build and launch your dream website.30

Our WordPress themes elevate your business instantly, ensuring that your website looks and works the way you need it to, showcasing your skills, products and services in the best way.

Because we believe every female entrepreneur deserves a beautiful & professional
online presence – at every stage of business.

Step 1

A One-day action-packed intensive up to 8 hrs dedicated to your to do list starts with your signing into my contact page.

Step 2

A Planning session, a written summary of your Action Plan, after half payment 50% is received and contract is signed.

Step 3

Your VIP day includes 8 hours of  support relating to the work we have agreed upon. Your feedback on a messenger of your choice for the full 8 hours.


"Hey Awesome Community ..
The month of August marks one full year that Kathryn MacLean has been with PAC, magically being the "Welcome Lady" and so much more. She not only does that but has organized PAC activities,
celebrates members with her wonderful graphics..

She is my right hand and helps me a lot behind the scenes and I just want to take the time to let you all know how special she is to me and how much she contributes to PAC. Please join me in celebrating her.
Truthfully, I don't know what I would do without her..."
( I was almost 4 years as admin for this blogging group)

Leslie Federici


Clear Expectations

On the discovery call ( first 20 min call) I find out if the intensive would be for a  Soloprenure or a team. If a team, I would insure that everyone needs to weigh in on the work day.... If not we would reschedule, because you need all hands  on deck to decide matters on the day...
With the right framework,and clear communication with a client, dedication to attention during the day, it is totally possible to complete the project in a day.

Clear Collaboration

Feedback.  Some services like web design and branding require feedback that happens in real time. Time zones are a key consideration.

I  only consider working with time zones that are compatible to the EST/New York time zone.

Our customers love our products.

We created a One Page Portfolio Website from scratch with Thrive Architect to win new clients. We created this WordPress site for this client for his local massage business.

Visit his site  (click image) and see how we created it in the video below.
Matts Massage in Montreal
With using Thrive Suite Kathryn was able to not only create a site that looks good, but she made it more user friendly. Now people stumble across my website
actually understand what I have to offer and what I have learned as a massage therapist and contact me.

Matt J. Oliver

Massage Therapist

Thrive Apprentice comes bundled with several other online business building WordPress tools inside Thrive Suite.

From crafting high converting sales funnels with Thrive Architect, to building a fully customized WordPress theme with Thrive Theme Builder, to visually creating online courses you can sell with Thrive Apprentice —

Thrive Suite has everything you need to build, market and grow your online business.

Meet Our Team

Carl and I
Kathryn & Husband Carl
Creative Director
Financial Marketing Specialist
Home office redo
Our Office at home


Here are some common questions about The VIP DAY


 A discovery free  call of 20 mins.   SEE THE CONTACT PAGE  to book call on Zoom. Deliver a strategic proposal after the call by email.


IF WE BOTH AGREE.  I send a contract and invoice to book the client and I send  a client pre-strategy meeting questionnaire. 


CLIENT sends back homework at least 1 week in advance. These are things needed for the site. No homework  done -no work will begin, must re-book.
Will send client particulars of VIP day one week before the intensive  work begins.


Book VIP in a DAY and a  Welcome email that has all information on what will happen on the  day of the intensive. You will need to sign  a contract and pay 1/2 of the price of day.  


FINAL 1/2 PAYMENT  Must be received at least 24 hrs in advance of VIP DAY.  Client must be available all of the 8 hours for feedback. 

After VIP Day 

CLIENT receives a newsletter for further help with work that was done. If another 1/2 day is needed for further work it can be booked asap.

Let's get together for a 20 min chat. - Limited Spots Available for - February and March

Book Now!

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