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Get Better at Email Marketing 

Why you need an email list!

 ​​Do you have a love - hate relationship
with your email? I do! 

Email List

​Do you know why an email list is so
important to your business?

Growing your list to 12K or more
seems daunting right, but break it
​down to 34 subscribers a day and
it seems much more doable -right?

That small daily number of
subscribers comes to more than
12,000 if you multiply that by
365 days. Wow!

Click Ivory Mix Photo

​6 Essential Email Marketing Basics 

If you are relying on your visitors finding
​your blog after visiting the first time, you’re
going to be disappointed with your results.​

​​Regardless of the type of business model
you have, - service based or product based.


Without  an email service you are invisible
to the online world except  on your social
media. I don't want to rely on changing
algorithms, do you? I don't!

You need your business to  grow online
 for many years, regardless of all
the social media and the ever changing
algorithms -​ such as with Pinterest ads
or paid  Facebook Ads.

Which you do not own, they do. You don't
have much control over these types of  
worst-case type scenarios.

Best Practices

Your email list is GOLD. It's all yours, you
own it, you have it forever.

​If the prices for Ads go up or some social
 ​media changes, you have a direct
 connection with your email list.

​No more wishing that they  see your
products or services. You are sending it to
them - directly into their email boxes.

The plan is simple. Develop the type
of content that converts your followers
into email subscribers. Turn skimmers
and watchers into action takers.

If only 5% of your 12,000 email
subscribers purchase your course
for $199 - that makes over

That is priceless gold in the marketing
world & why you definitely need an email
list for your business.

Email Marketing for your business

The Number One Reason

To Have an Email List?​
You stay top of mind with potential clients.

Reasons to Have an Email List? 
​Keeping your name in front of
customers as you communicate with
them  by email. They know who you are.

That K.L.T. -Know Like & Trust factor is
so important!

We all have our favorites that we read.
I know that I do. My favorites.​

  • Steve Dotto,
  • Jen Lehner,
  • Lisa Lartner, 
  • Kate Doster,
  • Meera Kothan,
  •  Sarah Clayton,
  • Taughnee Stone
  • Naima

​# 2. Which Type of Freebie/  
A content upgrade is a lead magnet or
(opt-in bribe) created specifically for
a particular blog post or page. It is
additional content added to an article
much similar to a freebie but much more

An example: An article on branding with
an ebook or pdf for more information on
that subject.

You can analyze your list to see what is
the most attractive to them. Your opt-in
Freebie will account for a certain
percentage of your email sign ups so take
into account ​Google/ Pinterst analytics 

If  it turns out that your readers prefer
short checklists or worksheets, you can
avoid spending hours on a labor intensive
e-Book that isn't really going to help you
all that much. In the same amount of time
you could create  several checklists or
worksheets that your readers or clients
really want. The only way to know is by
testing over time for he winning results.

#3. Types of Freebies​​​

A freebie that grows your list
for years!

Email series
Resource List
Social Media Graphics...


Take the guess work out!

The best way to figure out the type of
services or products your clients need?
​Ask them! It's that simple.

There are many types of survey software,
to use like Typeform or Survey Monkey.
I like the simple Google form on Gmail.​

Email Marketing

# 4. What is the purpose of an
email autoresponder? 

An autoresponder series enables
companies to build trust with their

Autoresponders get a recipient to open
promotional emails, visit websites,
and eventually make a purchase after
giving information about a service or

Best day to email?
​According to 14 studies done with
Co-Schedule the best time to email is

Hands down the #1 best day according to
the data from these studies.

Thursday is best if sending 2 emails weekly
Wednesday is not the most popular but it
did come in second place several time.​

Best time to email?
How you can prioritize your send?

1. 10am Midmorning - noteable 11am

2. 8pm -Generally  most opens and  clicks

are later in the evening.

Do you check your email just before bed?
3. 2pm -People  out of work looking for distractions.

4. 6am -People begin their day emailing

before even getting out out of bed.

Good morning email!

Many articles mentioned time zones.

​Choose the time zone for the majority
of your audience.

US is likely Eastern Time zone, 50% of population.   

Are you a local company?  

Send  these times in your own time zone.
~ Co-Schedule

​#5. Get More Opens
with Your Email Subject

Test your subject lines using:

​coshedule headline analyzer

 Score as to how it rates your subject line.

My score was 68 for this article title.

Business email

# 6Which Email Autoresponder ?

​​This is where the love hate comes in with
In order of my preference .
Love the ones at the top.
The ones I hated at at the bottom

Mailerlite is free/paid My affiliate link.

  1. Mailerlite
  2. Sendinblue
  3. Get Response
  4. Flodesk
  5. Constant Contact
  6. ConvertKit
  7. aWeber  
  8. Mailchimp

​You might show up in Google/Pinterest
search, but do you really want to rely on
Not really! You need something reliable.

Something they will see when they log into
their email - like an email list that is all
yours. Direct contact is what you want.

 - So give them a reason to opt-in the
first time they visit your site.

A great optin- freebie. so that they...

Join your email list, get in touch

with them weekly, or even just monthly.

​In Conclusion:

When you write your email series, - do:
    -Give subscribers what you promised
    -Add some personality to your messages
    -Help your audience get to KLT you
    -Become a helpful teacher
    -Open a two-way conversation.
    -Share other ways to connect with you
    -Keep adding to it over time

​I am starting over with email campaigns
This time with a simple autoresponder .

One that is easy to use,  great support & training.

​​​​I am starting with a slide in opt-in for my VA
services...an Opt-in on my home page.
I offer a 5 day email series on what a VA
can do for your business ​followed up with
a weekly newsletter on the weekends about
marketing tips. ​

Ivory Mix
Ivory Mix

For more on email lists read this great
article by  the owner .​Kayla Marie Butler.  

I am an affiliate for Ivory Mix.

My content up-grade

Download my PDF - on email services below.

I hope this article has helped you with your own
love hate relationship with email.
Let me know in the comments, have I given
you some insight and please share on social
media.  Thank you!

If you need help check  my contact page.

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Email Marketing for Your Business

Free PDF on email marketing for you!

About Kathryn Maclean  http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest & Instagram.​

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Kathryn Maclean-Racicot     

A Social Media Campaign Specialist using: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram ​

Kathryn Ruth Maclean

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  1. Hi Kathryn,
    My biggest disaster online was from not having my own email list. I was innocent enough to pay for adverts that brought people to a company’s own page instead of my own list. When that company shut-down overnight they started marketing to the contacts I had paid for – err, about 2,000 of them.

    My second biggest disaster online was also from not having my own email list. I was lucky enough (in the early days of online sales) to have more than one of my site pages on the front page of Google for a little known service I was offering. Sigh – I didn’t even know what a lead capture page was, so most of those views went to waste. Sure, a few made sales – and repeat sales too, but I guess most just forgot about me, or bought my product from someone else who kept in contact with them.

    So as you can imagine – I really do understand the importance of email marketing.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark


    1. Hi Joy,
      When we are new to marketing we do make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. I fell for what turned out to be a pyramid scheme and lost quite a bit of money. Learning about email is a learning curve. Most people say the mistake they made was not setting up their email list earlier than they did.

      Having a page dedicated to signing up for your freebie/bribe without any distractions is called a lead capture page that has its own URL and so can be used in direct marketing or listed in an email. No menu and no sidebar.

      Understanding the importance of email marketing was the main subject of my post. Thanks for your comments!


  2. Congrats for this superb blog. I thought that it was exceptionally instructive and intriguing as well. I have bookmarked your blog and will return later on. I need to urge you to proceed with that grand work, have an extraordinary daytime!


  3. Hi there,
    Who ever said email is dead was nuts! Email is vital for staying in touch with your list. Yes, it’s over used by marketers, but an honest, sincere relationship with your list can yield lots of benefits – they can turn into customers 🙂


    1. Hi Lesly,
      Yes! It’s that old KLT -know like and trust right? Building a relationship leads to customers or clients for your business. Email is the way to get to build that relationship, especially these days of “staying home” After this virus nightmare is over, having an established list will really be very valuable. Thanks for your comments.


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