Goal Setting Strategy

 Goal Setting is a  process or strategy of setting goals to help you choose where you want to be in life. How you want your business to grow. Who you want to be and precisely what you want to achieve in the certain amount of time with a solid direction and your desired outcome in mind.

The biggest challenge most people face when setting goals is simply setting too many goals. This leads to feelings of overwhelm from the start and usually leads to giving up on them relatively quickly.

Don’t wait for 2018, gain momentum BEFORE the new year. Don’t wait to set NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, start NOW!

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future. Motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into a reality. I searched for tips from some of the well-known people in marketing online to help with this strategy.

Goal setting

Startup Business People


Dr. Ivan Misner
Chairman of BNI the world’s largest networking organization

Dr.Misner has written 16 books including the New York Times bestseller Truth or Delusion?

Misner is a columnist for Entrepreneur.com and Business Insider and has featured in the L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other publications.

“I always set goals and objectives before the end of the year.” – Dr. Misner.

Setting Goals

 I set three levels of goals.
#1. A high goal that I can shoot for – if everything goes perfectly, and the low goal if everything went terribly wrong. Then the target goal, a number goal.

#2. Reverse engineer your goals – in 3 mths where will you be? 6mth to 9 and 12 mths.

#3. Monthly work out what you need to hit your target.
The action is part of the attraction, use bullet point action steps to specifically hit your target.

Have it all planned out before the new year starts. Set yourself up for Success in 2018.


Learn from failure this year to make next year better

Did you know that Bill Gates didn’t seem like a shoe-in for business after dropping out of Harvard? He started a failed first business with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen called Traf-O-Data. While his earlier idea didn’t work, Gates later work did, creating the global empire that is Microsoft and became one the richest men in the world.

Setting Goals

Set a numeric goal  Example  $100,000 (approximately) next year

  • 12= $8,333 /mth  – 52 = $1923 / week – 260 = $385 /weekday  – 2080 = $274 / day – 2920 = $34/hr

Figure out a strategy

  • What is your business plan, map out a step by step plan of what you will offer to reach your goals

Do the work

  • You can not do everything, delegate work to outside sources or higher people for your team.

Find solutions

  • Improve on what your statistics were for last year. Learn from your mistakes.

Measure results

  • Have data on everything you do. Use tools like Asana, CoSchedule, or AirTable, excellent for working with a team.
  • Learn from each situation
  • Assess what worked
  • Assess what did not work
  • Ask for feedback
  • Don’t give up
    Lisa Larter  (Canadian marketer)


Setting Your Business Goals – “The Rule of 3”  Marketer  –Jo Barnes

“We’ve all heard how important goal setting is right?
With 2018 almost upon us, we’re all set to reflect on the past year, and set our intentions and goals for the year ahead.” – Jo Barnes

What is your Big Picture?

The Rule Of Three

Goal setting





Have a very clear picture of what you want your business to look like in a year, 5 years even 10 years. Write them down and put them where you see them, every day!

Step 1
List 3 Specific Goals for the next 12 mths  ( your subconscious  believes what you tell it )
Written in present tense such as:
1. I am earning $5,000 / mth
2. I have 5,000 people on my customer email list
3. I get 5,000 hits/mth on my blog

Step 2
Daily goals
1. I must sell 16 products a day at $99 or 32 products at $49.50 or 8 at $199 etc
2. I must get 137 people a day onto my email list
3. I must get 1650 hits a day on my blog

Step 3
Take the 3 measurable goals and add them to a calendar or spreadsheet to look at every day on your computer or on the wall in front of your desk.

Take a day every week to reflect on the actions taken that week and what you need to do next week to get closer to your goal numbers. I like to do this on Fridays or Sundays.

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Setting goals



So many people live in hope that the new year will be their best yet, but many of them simply fail to plan for it. I stopped making new years resolutions, instead, I start goal setting before the end of the old year.

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Business goals are goal setting,  something that you write down and then get very clear about what you need to do to achieve them. All the best to you and your strategy goal setting in the new year.

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