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Your Facebook Business Page/ or Fan Page 

 really needs engagement – for your online business to thrive.

Facebook new ideas


Some recent Facebook Stats:

1.13 billion daily active users on average for June 2016
1.03 billion mobile daily active users on average for June 2016
1.71 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2016
1.57 billion mobile monthly active users as of June 30, 2016
Approximately 84.5% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada

Curated from  Oct /2016

With over 1 billion active Facebook users as stated above, many studies show that users are more active on evenings and weekends. Business pages could be missing out on quite a bit of activity by not posting & engaging over the weekends. Having systems in place that allow for a more expanded presence like scheduled posts, helps with posting for engagement.  Is your Facebook business page’s reach getting smaller and smaller?



You can do things on your end to increase your organic reach.

  • See below – How to Join the PAC Facebook Challenge.

If your Facebook engagement is declining, you’re not alone. A drop of 6% a drop of 49% since Oct 2013 means YES it definitely is declining.

Why Is Organic Reach Declining?

Reason #1
To avoid overcrowding of content on the newsfeed 18 + million business pages are competing for your newsfeed space. Read that again. That is competition!
Reason #2
2. Facebook needs to make money –  so you have to pay for Facebook Ads to increase your reach.

According to Jay Baer Facebook organic reach declines as it’s stock price rises.

So How Does Facebook Calculate What Show Up On Your News Feed?
Just like Google, no one really knows exactly how for sure.  According to Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom, as many as 100,000 individual weights influence content in your news feed. Wow!

A few elements that are public knowledge:

  • Post types (photos vs. text vs. video) receiving the most interaction
  • Which posts a user hides or reports as spam
  • A user’s interaction with Facebook ads
  • The device and the Internet speed of a user

And in addition, the three pillars of Edge Rank, remain part of the current news feed algorithm:
Affinity – How much he or she interacts with your page
Weight – Facebook places top priority on videos and photos
Decay – The longer your post has been around, the less likely it will be to show up in news feeds

And then there is…..
How User Behavior Affects Newsfeed Visibility of a Post
1. Your previous interactions with the author
– the more you engage with a friend or page, the more likely you are to see their posts
2. Your previous interactions with the post type
– If you often engage with a certain type of post, you’re more likely to see posts of that type
3. Reactions from users who already saw the post
– The more Facebook users engage with a post, the more likely you are to see that post
4. Amount of complaints or negative feed-back
– As more users give negative feedback, the less likely you are to see that post

Focus On Metrics  -They Matter
Reach means very little because it is rarely a good indicator of success.
According to Jon Loomer, there are better indicators of success than reach,  such as traffic and sales from Facebook.

Grow Your Facebook Reach Organically
1. Use strategies by Fortune 500 companies
PR Journal study in 2014 – Fortune 500 companies and non-profits’ top 3 Facebook strategies:
Openness and disclosure
-Showing what goes on inside your company
– Showing availability  – for customers and fans to reach and interact with your company
– To make a customer’s experience  -enjoyable – easy and pleasant.

2. Posting at Non-Peak Times
On the assumption that when there’s little else being shared online, your content is more likely to stand out. Jon Loomer tested this by comparing peak hour posts and non-peak hour posts.
Peak being 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Non-peak 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Which do you think won?

Non-peak wins!

You can find your peaks in Facebook “Insights” under the Pages tab at the top of your analytics dashboard. Shown in your computers local timezone.

3. Share Original behind the scenes photos of you and your team 

When Buffer shared 5 original photos of their team’s trip to South Africa, all 5 reached their top 10 posts in the 2-week period. Buffer has lots of pics of their team  of 79 people  “working together to make people’s lives easier on social media”. Started in 2010

4. Engage your community with questions
Don’t try to sell or promote anything. Your only goal should be listening to the audience. An example:
After testing 5 questions, Buffer received more than 1,000 posts of people in their post reach, which is an above average result from the rest of their Facebook content.

5. Share self-explanatory photos
Valuable information in a digestible format –  a great way to show it like:
– Pictographics and infographics are great examples of self-explanatory photos.

To quickly create beautiful visuals:  – Canva –  (I use – Picmonkey also)

Curated from


So after all this, what else can the average Facebook user do to get engagement on his/her fan page?

This wasn’t included at all in the  Facebook article mentioned  above…

Join a Facebook Fan-Page Challenge.

Get people coming to your page, liking and commenting on your own content. You do the same. This will really make your insights on your business fan pages show a lot of engagement.

The difference is really amazing. PAC Power Affiliate Club runs the PAC Facebook Challenge… It’s at no cost to join, anyone can participate..

NOVEMBER FAN PAGE SHARE: PLEASE USE THE ROTATORS  …and *** WATCH *** the *How To Use the Blog Rotator* video! See Welcome Email.
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You CAN use both rotators, you’ll see more Fan Pages. But to be listed on the PAC rotator you have to be a member of the PAC Community blog (

NOTE: *** If you want to be added to the PAC Fan Page Share Group Rotator, Request to be added by posting your Fan Page  in the group and Lesly Federici will add you to our group rotator..

To go to the membership sign up page see link >  Power Affiliate Club

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  1. I’ve noticed my reach really go up lately from quote images I created (ones that have a flat design rather than a scenic background). But although there are more views I’m not getting much interaction with them, apart from people in the PAC Facebook Challenge.

  2. Hi Kathryn

    Facebook can be a huge science at times but your post made it easy to understand how to boost engagement. The tips are spot on. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care

    Thanks for sharing tips about facebook, I learned some of the new and amazing things.
    SO, Thanks for Sharing.
    Have a great day.

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Robin,
      If I can teach you new and amazing things my friend, I think we are even.
      Thanks for commenting !

  4. Hi Kathryn,

    It is a challenge to keep FB Page engagement on the rise.

    PAC’s FB Fan Page Challenge is a great way to move the needle to your advantage.

    Thanks for sharing that, along with all the other great info here.

    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Donna,
      We are working on Facebook Fan Pages at PAC. Something new is coming I have heard for engagement on our Fan Pages.
      Certainly, it is needed.
      Thanks for your comments!

  5. kathrynruth says

    Thank you for your comments. Engagement on a Facebook page takes in alot of factors. Analytics on your demographics is certainly something to consider. Also see my latest article for more on that.

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