Now there is Instagram Online for Business

Instagram has more than 300 Million active users. It’s not just for pretty photos anymore

Instagram business

If you are using Instagram online for your business you may want to start using Business Instagram.

Posting Strategy
If you are using Instagram to promote your business you will need a plan to deliver content consistently – that is the key.

First Do you have the new Instagram business profile?

It provides  the Instagram viewer with analytics so you can see when most of your followers are actually online. See the insights icon top right. They look like skyscrapers.

Instagram for Business blog
Businesses of all sizes are inspiring people around the world with their stories.

Did you know that INSTAGRAM is a community that is built on visual storytelling?

For Businesses using this social media platform, it is a way to showcase products and services and in a whole new way.

Instagram lets YOU bring YOUR business to life on mobile. Business tools now give you the ability to stand out, learn about your customers and followers and supply what they what they want, when they want it.

Creating Your Instagram Business Profile

I found this a little tricky. Here are a few tips to help you set up a second IG account.

Getting Started on Instagram online  This is my second IG Account, I experimented with the first one. Choose an account easily tied to your business. My company name was a long one so it cut it off a bit. It wouldn’t take just my initials MOO So my account is: kathrynruthmaclean

To act as categories for your content. This makes it easy for non followers to discover you.
They recommend up to  3#

Photos & Videos

For the Instagram viewer  it’s visual storytelling for consumers as well as for businesses. Your account tells your story.
As you explore Instagram for your business think how you can use your own photos and videos to help your business tell a visually compelling story. Followers see one pic or the whole board.

– use words /bio & photos
It  starts with what they want & ends with how you can help.
Stand out visually by creatively directing your online magazine.

Invite us into a brand story with your intention,  your words &  your visuals.

Shopping Comes To Instagram

Shopping has changed with mobile. So much….
Where do you browse while waiting? In line at the grocery store, the doctor’s office,  or in the car . Not if you are driving!!! I tell people to put their phones in their purses when driving.

More than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse on the web or via a mobile app.

To test this new experience Instagram tested 20 US based retail brands. Each post having a tap to view at the bottom left of a photo. When tapped, a tag  appeared on various products in  the post, up to five products and their prices. Then, if the consumer taps the ShopNow  link from the product details  go directly to that product on the businesses website, making it easier  for them to buy the product they want.

MOO Services

How To Create an Instagram Business Profile Tips
Tap – business profile ?
I didn’t see it on my account so…
I  upgraded my app -version 7.15

Set up a second account inside IG.

I didn’t see my facebook account that I wanted –  so checked to see if it had me as admin. Hard to see this on your phone,  on PC  check  ( settings)  top right next to help

Finally got my 2nd account set up. I didn’t save my profile the first time with all my emogies, and had to do it all again. It’s great as you can as a business  check your insights. They are very eye opening. You can see women – age – location etc. See the video.

Getting started

Business Instagram

Three Videos from Instagram on Setting Up Your Business Instagram.

  1. Video Create a business profile
  2. Business Insights
  3. Promote Directly from IG

Instagram Business Shopping Comes to Instagram

Tell a story with your paid advertising – Identify your business point of view that you want to share.

Your campaigns need to be well crafted so they stand out to the Instagram viewer. You don’t need to build additional content you just need to put as much love and care into the ads to inspire as you do in your business. Ensure that  the quality of your content with Instagram online, is a reflection of the quality of your  business.


About Kathryn R. Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


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  1. I’m now going to create a business account for at least one of my Instagram accounts. Thanks Kathryn.

    I hope it’s not too long before the new shopping features being tested will be available to all.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Yes the shopping on Instagram will be huge. I see we are helping each other
      out here. Your tips on Post Planner and mine on Business Instagram to you.
      Great! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Instagram is a unique opportunity for you to reach your target audience with a quick piece of content. It’s all about captivating people with a visual story with a crisp, spot-on strategy.

  3. Hi Kathryn

    Interesting! Was not aware that Instagram now had a business profile. This will be an opportunity for businesses to share their products and story on Instagram. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  4. Hi Kathryn,

    I love Instagram for business! I have a niche site that I use it for and it received a lot of attention. Now I have a second one for my main business. Yes..we have to have a good plan to tell a great story about our business.


    1. Hi Donna,
      Yes the new Instagram for business is getting a lot of attention.
      Having a story about your business with Instagram pics is a wonderful idea.
      People see your pics one at a time or as your entire collection. More thought
      about what you include than the usual Instagram pics account.
      Thanks for your comments!

  5. Hi Kathryn,
    I just created an account on Instagram.I realized I can do it with my tablet.
    I do not have a cell phone and do not want one. But I found out how to post from my laptop.
    The business part is new for me . Thank you for all your good information
    Will I can use them and learn from it.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Erika,
      Long time no see. Nice to see you can do Instagram from your tablet.
      I do have one, well my husband has one. He won’t let me use it. lol
      Thanks for your comments I hope you get to understand Instagram it
      really is the way of the future, especially the new business part.

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