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Attract Customers

Marketing Business Opportunities

There is no magic wand for sending a steady stream of customers to your business’s door…

And especially now in this time of COVID-19. No matter if  you sell your services or a product online,  or your business is a brick and mortar store offline.

Any combination of techniques use multiple marketing strategies to first attract customers and then to keep them coming back as  your business as raving fans. We learned a lot this past year about how to succeed with our businesses.

The old style of marketing was a push type of marketing which involved high-pressure sales tactics or manipulation (think of an old style car salesman) or to get you to enroll into some  business  type opportunity.

These styles of network marketing tactics were to hard-sell the prospect into signing up right now into the business, but when you do it that way with  a lot of hard-sell marketing, you will get a lot of cancellations. A much better way is…to attract your audience. Read on…

Updated from January 21, 2019  This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will receive a small commission. Disclosure

Marketing Offline Online

Start With The Basics

There are a variety of marketing strategies to choose from, some are basic but it’s the basics that some businesses forget about. The building blocks that need to be in place that afford stability.

For a business that have been operating for many years. You may  not have changed your methods of marketing. Are you  paying attention to strategies that involve the internet and digital marketing?

Changing with the times is a vital necessity, more than ever in today’s market. Start with…


Who –  What – Where & When 

10 Strategies that follow


Start with Your Target Market

Do you know who you are selling to? A target market is defined as a specific group of consumers or businesses you concentrate on reaching when you market your products or services.

It starts with creating a profile ideal customer. Which type of person buys a particular service on a frequent basis? Why do they need this type of service? Take into consideration their job function.
– For consumer products, where do they live? Their age and sex. Even how much money do they earn? Other factors that might make them a customer? Where do they hang out and where are they most likely to look for the particular service?

Do you know HOW your existing customers discovered you? Consumers today turn to digital media to find information and research service providers that they want to use.

Business card – Informational Website –  Current & active Blog and Social Media Networks

You want them to find you and your company on Google right?  “Google My Business.” Step by step how to set it up below. Have you run a search on your own  name? See what shows up.  Eye opening stuff! One name of mine came up more than another for me.

 The Best Format to Reach Your Target Market

Observing in general:

What are the topics first ( ex. Blogging for a business)

Then creating polls around that topic allows finding the hot button issues.

Creating a free product is a good way to build a mailing list and for generating feedback. Generally called a lead magnate or a freebie in exchange for their email address. You own that list and this is how you promote to your list members. Promote them on forums, in posts if allowed or in your signatures.

Surveys for your marketing without spending any money, gives a high response rate if you ask for comments or email replies. Several no cost surveys available.

You can also reach out to people and ask them questions via personal message, discussing in a forum or via email with subscribers and readers, or simply talking to people using Skype or Zoom.

Research. Just help them with their problems but  also  to ask your marketing research questions.Who –  What – Where – When?


You should use a survey or a Quiz to get even more info.  Using their exact language in your advertising. Such as “Instagram makes me want to put my hair out, its so frustrating.” Keep all these in an AirTable spread sheet.

The answers can help you decide just how much effort to put into networking, social media, getting referrals and what content marketing tactics would be successful.

Who is your target audience? When your target market  is identified, (some even suggest giving this person a name with an  image so you really get to understand who she is.) Ask yourself “so where would “Sara” like to learn about the product and buy it?” This is simplified, you can find a lot of information on Avatars.

I have a local Facebook page for my local business people in my area. Winchester Local Events

Attract Ideal Clients with Pinterest


Bloggers use Pinterest to push their articles. Research for keywords used for that particular term used in the post are searched on Pinterest boards. Read more about Pinterest here. Follow me on Pinterest

What Will the Customer Buy?
They don’t want exactly what you are selling!  What they want is the result they will gain after purchasing what you are selling. A website developer’s customers don’t want a website  design they want a website that makes their business look good, get found in searches and brings in new customers.

When you ask people what they want  in your marketing, their answers will re-focus you on the  solutions and benefits that customers that they want to buy, – instead of only the product you want to sell.


Location, location, location. Different goals require different strategies.

An example: You have a coffee shop and  you want to increase foot traffic. You also want increase the individual purchase of your customers  at lunchtime.

You might want to consider a text  campaign on mobile that rewards a free dessert over a certain lunch  price or  improve on  a slow day type of  strategy. ” Today 10% off on soup.”

However if you are a clothing store in a local area you’ll need to use a different strategy.

A Facebook  marketing strategy with lots of images or possibly a campaign on Instagram as well that is targeted to your local area. “Maryanne’s Clothes” each customer gets a chance to win an outfit worth $50.


Do you know the best time and place to reach your target market?

What Time to Post? Posting on Facebook on a Fan or Business page at 3:00 pm when she would most likely be on Facebook. Instagram is popular at 2:00 LinkedIn 9:am in general for  “Sara’s” timezone.

8pm 12pm is the sweet spot  – The entire world is awake  Resource: /backlinko.com/blog
11 am Est:  Pacific Time (US) 8am Midwest, (US) 1oam, Europe: 5 pm, Asia 11pm.

10 Marketing  Strategies & Techniques

1. Setting up your Professional Social Media Profiles

social media Do you have a social media presence for yourself and your business on the important social media channels?

Why? They are used by your customers. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Your professional profiles should have a link to your website/blog. All of my social media does!

Offline Should you meet a prospective client, and they lose your business card, you can be sure that they will type your name into the search engine to find you. Having a profile on the biggest social media sites will allow them to find you and the link to your website.

2. Have you claimed your place on Google Business ?

This is for far more than just fast food businesses or retail stores. You are able to search for any type of service by location. Google search shows lists of companies that match the service for the location you specify. Your places profile shows up on a page listing, having a profile is a leg up on your competitors. I have a post on setting this up. My link to setting up my Google Page and how to set it up step by step.

3. Develop your Content Marketing Strategy

To be seen as an expert in your industry. You need a content marketing strategy. Also if your customers do research before they buy, you need a content marketing strategy to reach your business marketing goals. An other article on Content Marketing

4. Your Website or Blog is Your Hub

A blog is essential on your Website. A blog is updated on a regular basis, unlike the other static pages of the website. This is the hub of your entire business with social media hovering like space ships around the mother ship. Social media directs out of your site with network buttons as well as incoming visitors from social networking platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to name a few.

You will be sending people to the site to find out more about your self and what your business does. This is so much more information  there than just an ad or a squeeze page. People will get to know you and what type of work you do….

“The Know Like and Trust” factor is so important in Marketing today.

5.  Pictures speak volumes

So they are an important part of your posts. Blog articles on your niche subject help make you the go-to expert that they are looking for to solve their pain / problems.
Marketing Offline Online home

Writing articles related to your services is one tactic to employ on your blog. You want to answer any questions or concerns at every stage of the buying funnel. Distribute articles to other sites that reach your audience, like Pinterest, Facebook and even Instagram.

Also posts on your website blog with your [about the author resources box], that contain a link to your landing page (with an opt-in to a related feature) that they would love to have, gets them on your mailing list.

6. Your Website, Publicize It

Amazingly, there are still businesses that don’t have a website. I was at a Chamber of Commerce meeting a few weeks ago and met someone who said she was a proof reader. I asked for her business card and she did not include a website, so I asked her for her website URL. She didn’t have one! A proof reader without a site?

Let me know if you need a website! I have created many WordPress sites.

Your prospects want to see samples of your work, get more info about you and if your a consultant or other expert, they’re going to want to read things you’ve written in your area of  expertise. You control what they see there, you can’t control  what shows up on social media sites.

Once you have a website be sure to list it on all sales literature, your business card, and as many place as you can to get listings. Do guest posting of people with larger audiences than yours. Podcasts, etc.

7. Traffic To Your Offers

To get people to your blog, there are many ways to do so: Offer

  •  a Lead Magnet – (or called a Freebie) an e-book, video or check list you give for free
  •  a Tripwire – a small investment to gauge interest on the subject of your signature offer
  •  a Core Product – basic information on your signature offer few  pages of  your book
  •  a Profit Upgrade – a course or training program that is in keeping with your niche

Or you can start with a Coaching or Training Program first

–  pull rather than push. You are seen the authority  with your own program

8. Traffic Sources

Joining groups or starting your own group on social media such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, attract targeted traffic. You can learn to drive traffic through tactics like Blogging, Facebook Ads or Email Marketing or doing Webinars or Facebook live appearances.

The goal, no matter which traffic source you choose, is to drive prospects into your Funnel. You should strive to master a single, steady traffic source and, once mastered, add a second and third traffic source.

These Would Include:

  • Email Marketing – offers in emails
    Social Advertising (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube ads, etc.)
    Banner Advertising – on your site or blog
    Solo Ads – various places to buy these
    Blogging – connected with blogging groups
    Organic Social Media – various Social Media
    SEO – set your blog up with keywords to get listed on Google

Your traffic sources need a lead magnet or a free gift in exchange for an email address. You will need to provide great value with the Lead Magnet.  An irresistible offer.

9. The Lead Magnet is usually offered on a web page called a landing or squeeze page that is optimized to convert even cold traffic into leads. The opt-in page redirects to the thank you or download page,  ( a good place to place an upgrade or trip wire offer) and usually a sales page.

The landing page does not need to be extensive, but a great way to do them is with Thrive Themes. I use them for creating this site.
Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy  or complex, or time-intensive to create.

You simply need to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market. 

They are generally very short (one page or so) and cut straight to an ultra-specific point. You can deliver these as simple: checklists,  or short PDFs, or mind maps or blue prints.

Emails are then sent out to your prospects. You are able to send a newsletter to tell them what else is happening with your business and what further offers may be of interest to them. Very soft sell type of emails with the main objective being to tell them more about yourself and your business. To develop a relationship.

Allianced & Friendships with bloggers

10. Communities Bring People Together

If you can find a group of people who have a common goal and then bring them together by using a community… Facebook group or LinkedIn group etc. I was the welcome lady to one for 4 years. This is a great way to communicate.

Then you are seen as the expert and people ask your opinion. All you’ve really done is put the community together and invited people to join.

 Your best prospects are people on your list, or that you have known for a long time because they  have that Know, Like and Trust with you.


In conclusion: Your  technique or -” Marketing Strategy ”  is marketing at it’s finest.  Just how you strategise for your business will make all the difference.

Helping others will eventually help yourself in your business.


Reach out to my contact page to book a free 20 min chat to see if we can be of help to each other.





About Kathryn Maclean-Racicot 

New Site:  KathrynRuthMaclean

A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.



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  1. Hi Kathryn

    These are great ways to market your business, your blog, your services.

    I think it’s especially valuable to create, as you suggest, a funnel of offerings to attract customers.

    Start with a lead magnet and then offer paid products and services.


    1. Hi Donna,
      Coming from someone I admire who knows all the marketing lingo.
      Has a super successful blog, and a business that also uses funnel offerings by attracting customers with a lead magnet then offering paid products and services. A great way to market your business indeed. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Hi Kathryn,
    This is a very detailed post good especially for people who are not yet skilled in marketing. Many will get new ideas that they can try and implement to attract new customers. It is always good to learn marketing strategies from somebody who already knows what works.
    Great helpful work, thank you

    1. Hi Erika,
      Ah thanks for the lovely comment. I did work especially long on this post. There are differing levels of knowledge in marketing, some who are just starting out, the intermediate and the pro marketers. I do try to appeal to all three. Attracting new customers differs with the background that you have. Knowing what works for each level is important. Thanks again Thank you!

  3. Hi Kathryn,
    Lots of familiar strategies.. a few I ignore like the sweet spot for posting. Website – yes, for sure. Building a presence online and off – yes. I strongly believe there is an audience for everyone and staying focused on your niche is paramount. The way marketing is done is changing so staying current in marketing ideas and strategies is really important to do.. funnels may be obsolete in the future, that’s something to think about ….

    1. Hi Lesly,
      Thanks for commenting on my post marketing strategies and techniques. They likely are familiar strategies to you but not to everyone, as you are up on all that is going on with marketing. As you say marketing is ever changing and evolving with new ideas and strategies. A funnel is a pathway or end goal the way I see it. I don’t think that will be obsolete, just the way you go about it may be.

    1. Hi Shamshar,
      I am glad my post on marketing strategies & Techniques has cleared up some questions you had about attracting more customers. All the best to you and your website creating company! Nice site by the way!

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for commenting on Attracting more customers with marketing techiques and strategies. You might be intersted in a post I just published about creating a website, what type suits you best, Make a Website?

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