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Is this your Passion – starting a company? How can you do that? Or how to connect an existing business to the internet.



What I am passionate about – Starting a company.

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, WE CREATE IT. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired”
– Franz Kafka


Social Media Day
Thursday June 30th World Wide Social Media Day.

I am a Certified Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist.

 How did I become an expert? I took many courses, I read just about everything I could find on the subject. What I learned over many years, I  have implemented what I learned. I got results. I  have social media platform accounts on:

FaceBook – 5 Facebook pages of my own. Members of many groups including PAC Power Affiliate Club. Instagram – 1 personal account, setting up another as a business account. Google+  I have 3 accounts, Pinterest – a business account,  and a Tumblr  account.

social media certification


I share items about my subject that would be related, not just the business of social media.
I provide as much  value I can. I am the welcome lady for Facebook Community – PAC I meet new members and help them out where I can. I do birthday cards for PAC members. Campaign strategies for Fan Page Campaigns – images. I am a friendly supportive member of the PAC community.
It’s all about how you positioning yourself differently than anyone else.

What You Should Know About Social Media
Work your plan by understanding your audience first – their needs, their wants, and their pain. Put together your ideal avatar of a customer. Who are they, where do they live (country) what do they need?

Use Keyword Research – (which is about knowing your audience.) What is your story to share with your audience that they would be searching for? Use Google’s keyword search tool.
https://adwords.google.ca/KeywordPlanner  Log into your Google page first. On the site: tools then keyword planner. Find new keywords window type your data.
Get search value – button
See a list of keyword searches – this is gold for anything you want to sell online, or use these keywords in your blog articles. This tells you how many searches for each keyword phrase.

What Social Media Platforms are you be sharing on consistently? Why are you using those particular platforms? Where is your target audience likely to be? Do you know the difference between using Facebook  (Ads) or any other type of platform? Pinterest primarily for  Woman or  Instagram for younger audience etc.

Why are you using those particular platforms? Where is your target audience likely to be? Do you know the difference between using Facebook  (Ads) or any other type of platform? Pinterest primarily for  Woman or  Instagram for younger audience etc.

Do you market on Facebook? Are you looking to have better reach for your posts on Facebook? Facebook is all about connecting with people.

Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a plan! As a result, your posts don’t often address the needs of their audience. So…. not much interest.

1. Creating a road map for posts covering various subjects
As an example, fitness tips, if you are in the fitness industry. Blog marketing, perhaps healthy recipes if you are in the health niche, you get the idea. Write out the content you could use in a list. Use it daily or weekly depending on your analytics.

2.  A Content Calendar
After choosing your topics, create a calendar. A content calendar maps out what to post each day. When you have a schedule, it also helps you build in enough time to create your social media images to go along with your posts. Use Canva or Pickmonkey, both have  free levels or paid memberships.

3. Your Written and Visual Content
On Facebook, there are 4 types of content. Links –  images – videos and text updates. Every post should have an image. Something you have created or an image you have paid for.

4. Facebook Post Descriptions
When you post a link,  on your fan page, it fetches the metadata automatically. You can then edit it, removing the url  on the post altogether and the pic below stays put. You then have a larger area to post your message. Remember that Facebook posts are now searchable, so this is an excellent opportunity to add your keywords, too. The same with Facebook notes feature. You can post an article on a note page from your website  ( use HTML ) and it appears in the post feed of your page, but stays permanently in the notes section.

5. Best Time to Publish
If you dig into your analytics you will discover the ideal days or times to post. Not a good idea to simply post when your content is ready. You can schedule the post for a certain day and time. You want to post when there are more people on Facebook  at a certain time.

According to HubSpot.com  in their article, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. But do check your  own analytics. I have checked mine and I would say they are right for me.
To maximize your engagement,  use tools like Facebook Insights and Bitly url shortener (has a tracker) if you post links. These are helpful if you don’t want to invest in an analytics tool.

Communities or Groups on Facebook
Joining a community on Facebook to help you understand this complexity of information is a smart way to go. I belong to two such communities. See more information on my websites for links to my facebook pages for these communities. PAC with several groups within it  has several individuals with their own marketing communities within it. This article is  for one of those groups The Blogging Carnival with PAC. by Mandy Allen.

PAC or the Power Affiliate Club has several groups within it. PAC  has many individuals with their own marketing communities within it. This article is  from one of those groups  -The Blogging Carnival with PAC. by Mandy Allen. We write an article a week for 5 weeks on a certain topic and link it other people’s articles. See the banner below for a connection.


Campaign Objectives of Your Business

Remain focused on your campaign level objectives.

There are three major objectives – you can only focus on one at a time. FOCUS is individual time spent.
They are: ( each has a specific campaign around it. )

More Traffic –

More Exposure –

More Money –

So basically, a social media marketing document or plan is just an in-depth, text-based format of your mind map. It just takes a lot longer to write and expands on all the finer details.

Another blog on passion would be  by: Lesly Federici < “Somebody has a passion for something – Pac’s infectious mission.”

For small and medium-sized businesses, visualizing a social media marketing campaign as a flow chart or mind map is usually  a great way to achieve the planning objective. Please contact me to strategize about your social media for your business.

For More Information on PAC the Power Affiliate Club that Lesly and I and all the Carnival Bloggers belong to go here  Power Affiliate Club. Free to join

How do you view your passion for your goals?  Please contact me if you are passionate, and wish  to strategize about  starting a company or using social media for an existing business.

Kathryn Maclean


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