Pinterest – Many ways to attract your ideal clients

What you don’t know about Pinterest can be holding back your website/blog traffic. It’s free traffic too. I like free,  I bet you do too!

Did you know that more than 90% of pins come from websites? Yes, not from Pinterest Profiles. The pins last a long time. Weeks, months, even years in some cases. Great for Business!

People go to Pinterest for  “visual discovery” as consumers. Pinterest is NOT a social platform Per se, instead think of it as a visual discovery engine, with the same potential power and exposure as Google.

Attract Ideal Clients with Pinterest

 I have included a free training tutorial with this article.

Of course, you need to start off with a good foundation for your business. You are crystal clear on your niche and your goals for your business.  You have a brand and good content going already. This will ensure that your traffic is targeted and you can engage your ideal clients that come to visit your website. They should be completely enthusiastic about your great content and be compelled to sign up for your email list. You want them on your email list so you can reach out to them and have them get to know you. It’s that old like, know and trust value. You want to be very very clear on the purpose of your business site so they can see immediately the benefits you offer.

Pinterest Facts

The image-bookmarking anomaly that is Pinterest has user engagement levels have gone through the roof. “In Jan 2015 they had 176  million registered users”  85% of total users are Female. No surprise!
Pinterest has  “surpassed 100 million monthly active members  Sept 2015 .”

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to leverage your visual content, gain customers while growing your targeted reach and improving your organic results.  The great traffic you get from Pinterest is directly proportional to the number of Pins you post. So because of this fact, I use a third party tool to post my pins for my boards.  I am an enthusiastic user of Tailwind.

Tailwind: ( Free or Paid, Google Chrome browser plugin )  Once a week my next step is to head over to the Tailwind site to schedule my Pinterest posts for my Pinterest boards. Pinterest is a great source of traffic, and pinning content is the best way to help people there find you on your website.

One of my boards has all of my blog posts pinned weekly. This image of my email  is from Pinterest.

Pinterest stats

Posting attractive pins that resonate with your audience is critical to your success on Pinterest. The accompanying text description that you place with each image helps you to be found.

Showing a Pin it button on or beside your product reminds visitors that that image is pinnable, prompting the visitor to pin it driving viral reach, which is a powerful social recommendation. You can also add a widget to display your board or combination of boards.

Pin Descriptions

Having a detailed description of your products make it easy for people to pin from your site  Your description forms the pin’s description on Pinterest, as well as that image’s keywords for results in the search engines. Include the context for which your pin is intended. Add brand information, pricing, and the product description to all of your pins. Add additional keywords to help with discovery.

How you show your products is of the most importance on Pinterest

Bluchic templates

Consumers will pin images of products, food, places, and activities they love. Making these beautiful product photos is essential. Many of the successful brands on Pinterest have started to employ these types of images that are most attractive to pinners on their sites. I am re–branding my website and social media accounts along with my Pinterest pins soon.  An example of what my pins will look like. Templates for Canva from Bluchik. Click to visit site (Affiliate link)

From Tailwind  ( < my affiliate link) a very good free tutorial with videos on Pinterest  < by Kate Aul

  • Verifying your site
  • Business Account
  • Rich Pins
  • Setting up your Profile
  • Personal to Business
  • Rich Pins Extra data for Ap pins
  • Common questions on Boards

Questions on the course

3 page pdf on keywords

50 to 75 boards active  -exception seasonal

Titles – specific use keywords

Add more boards? Have a viral pin that sends traffic to your site? – Use that and make a board on that.

Delete a board?

Group boards

The owner allows your pins there  in the same Niche only – a best practice idea. This   Increases eyes on your sites. If it is not relevant to my niche? No -not a good ideal.

How many contributors? Not more than 150 as  more and more pins can easily be marked as spam, so you get marked as a spammer too. The speed of the feed is slower with 800 pinners!.
Mobile – the most recent is pinned first
Handout pdf Group Board Evaluation Guide
Group Board Tracker
Secret board trick  -Move toggle  to yes and the board moves to secret at the bottom. That way you don’t loose any visitors but they don’t see the board.

Review your boards on a regular basis

Look for more Group Boards to part of. Look at group boards of pinners in your niche and request an invite.  Request and invite to this Pinterest collaborative Boards Facebook Group to search for group boards in your niche  You can look for open boards here.  

Pinterest is different from other social media sites. Consumers there are looking to discover new products, brands, and make a purchase if they really love something. You want engaged ideal clients showing up to your website, being completely wowed by your content and signing up for your email list. Pinterest will send them there.


New Article of mine added on Pinterest Go here.

To learn more on enhancing your success on Pinterest,  request a chat, I would love to talk to you about  Pinterest. See my “contact or about me page”  to do so. My business Account  follow me on Pinterest


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