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What you don’t know about Pinterest can be holding back your website/blog traffic. It’s free traffic too. I like free,  I bet you do too!

Introduction –  This post was originally published May 29,2017 Updated January 20, 2021

Pinterest is an excellent tool to help increase links back to your website, which, in turn, drives more traffic. It is more effective at steering traffic back to a website more than any other social media source. Good content on Pinterest starts with creating quality visuals. Pins get you more inbound links.

Where did Pinterest come from?

Pinterest was conceived on Thanksgiving day, 2009. Ben Silbermann, a Yale graduate and former Googler, was
building a site with a few friends. His now-wife was watching TV and came up with the name “Pinterest.

Pinterest is a Image discovery search engine. Like Google is a search engine but not the same.

However – If you know you want a pair  “Women’s UGG shoes” you don’t go to Pinterst, you go to Amazon and search for the brand and buy the item.  However, if  you are searching for ” Christmas decorating ideas”  and you’re using those keywords, you’re introduced to  user  brands and products you  never knew existed showing the products in beautiful pins.

Did you know that more than 90% of pins come from websites? The pins last a long time. Weeks, months, even years in some cases. Great for your Business!

Pinterest account


People go to Pinterest for  “visual discovery” as consumers. Pinterest is NOT a social platform Per se, instead think of it as a search engine, a visual discovery engine, with the same potential power and exposure as Google!!!

Pinterest K A Maclean

 Of course, you need to start off with a good foundation for your business. You are crystal clear on your niche and your goals for your business.  You have a brand and good content going already. This will ensure that your traffic is targeted and you can engage your ideal clients that come to visit your website.

They should be completely enthusiastic about your great content and be compelled to sign up for your email list. You want them on your email list so you can reach out to them and have them get to know you. It’s that old like, know and trust value. You want to be very very clear on the purpose of your business site so they can see immediately the benefits you offer.

Pinterest Facts

The image-bookmarking anomaly that is Pinterest has user engagement levels have gone through the roof.Here’s a summary of the Pinterest statistics you need to know in 2021: Pinterest currently has 322 million monthly active users. … There are over 200 billion pins saved on Pinterest. More than three out of four (77 percent) of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to leverage your visual content, gain customers while growing your targeted reach and improving your organic results.  The great traffic you get from Pinterest is directly proportional to the number of Pins you post. So because of this fact, I use a third party tool to post my pins for my boards.  I am an enthusiastic user of Tailwind. ( My affiliate link)

Tailwind: ( Free or Paid, Google Chrome browser plugin )  Once a week my next step is to head over to the Tailwind site to schedule my Pinterest posts for my Pinterest boards. Pinterest is a great source of traffic, and pinning content is the best way to help people there find you on your website.

One of my boards has all of my blog posts pinned weekly. This image of my email  is from Pinterest.

Pinterest stats

Posting attractive pins that resonate with your audience is critical to your success on Pinterest. The accompanying text description that you place with each image helps you to be found.

Pick a vertical image
Use high-quality, vertical images that will stand out in people’s feeds. We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio (e.g. 1,000 x 1,500 pixels). Other ratios may cause your Pin to truncate, or may negatively impact performance.

Pinterest account
Make your brand the focal point. Put your product or service front and center. Avoid using abstract images or lifestyle imagery that doesn’t showcase your brand

Include your logo
Put a logo on every Pin you make, but keep it subtle. Avoid the lower-right corner, since that spot gets covered up by our product icons.

Add text overlay
Text overlay is the copy that goes on your Pin image to make it stand out. Keep your copy concise for readability on mobile. You should create separate Pins for each country you target, so they can be translated into the local language.

Optimize your Pin copy
Clear titles and descriptions help your Pin get discovered in search. You can use up to 100 characters for your title and up to 500 characters for your description.

Pin Descriptions

Having a detailed description of your products make it easy for people to pin from your site  Your description forms the pin’s description on Pinterest, as well as that image’s keywords for results in the search engines. Include the context for which your pin is intended. Add brand information, pricing, and the product description to all of your pins. Add additional keywords to help with discovery.

How you show your products is of the most importance on Pinterest

Pinterest tips


Consumers will pin images of products, food, places, and activities they love. Making these beautiful product photos is essential. Many of the successful brands on Pinterest have started to employ these types of images that are most attractive to pinners on their sites.

Great Free Pinterest Course by Kate Ahl of  Simple Pin Media. A solid Pinterest foundation, go through how to verify your Pinterest account as a business and lots more…

  • Verifying your site
  • Business Account
  • Rich Pins
  • Setting up your Profile
  • Personal to Business
  • Rich Pins Extra data for Ap pins
  • Common questions on Boards

Great 5 Day Challenge  They do these challenges periodically


Group boards

The owner allows your pins there  in the same Niche only – a best practice idea. This   Increases eyes on your sites. If it is not relevant to my niche? No -not a good ideal.

How many contributors? Not more than 150 as  more and more pins can easily be marked as spam, so you get marked as a spammer too. The speed of the feed is slower with 800 pinners!
Mobile –  most recent is pinned first Handout pdf Group Board Evaluation Guide Group Board Tracker
Secret board trick  -Move toggle  to yes and the board moves to secret at the bottom. That way you don’t loose any visitors but they don’t see the board.

Review your boards on a regular basis

Look for more Group Boards to part of. Look at group boards of pinners in your niche and request an invite.  Request and invite to this Pinterest collaborative Boards Facebook Group to search for group boards in your niche  You can look for open boards here.  

Pinterest is different from other social media sites. Consumers there are looking to discover new products, brands, and make a purchase if they really love something. You want engaged ideal clients showing up to your website, being completely wowed by your content and signing up for your email list. Pinterest will send them there.

Showing a Pin it button on or beside your product reminds visitors that that image is pinnable, prompting the visitor to pin it driving viral reach, which is a powerful social recommendation. You can also add a widget to display your board or combination of boards.

New Article of mine added on Pinterest  <Go here.

To learn more on enhancing your success on Pinterest,  request a chat, I would love to talk to you about  Pinterest. See my “contact  page .”   My business Account  follow me on Pinterest


About Kathryn Maclean http://www.facebook.com/KathrynRMaclean
A certified Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

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  1. I must admit I’ve backed off of Pinterest lately. Maybe it’s just my feed but there is a sea of Infographic type images and outside of the fact so many are unreadable, they all blend together and that’s just not my style. You’ve definitely got me thinking though so I’ll take another look this week and see if I can get myself motivated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marquita,
      I agree some of the pins are not good. But that just means that the really beautiful ones stand out!
      I am attempting to use Canva templates for a more cohesive look to my pins that will match my revamped site.
      I am glad my article has you thinking. That was the aim of the article.

  2. Hi Kathryn. I keep hearing that Pinterest is a great place to get traffic but I haven’t seen it yet. I have a few ideas to try, so we’ll see. In the mean time I’ll check out the tutorial that you linked to to see if there is anything I’m missing.


    1. Hi Wayne,
      It is indeed a great place to get traffic. Not many men there as yet so you could stand out!
      The tutorial I thought was very good for all the basics. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Mandy,
    Yes one my favorites too. Some have not discovered why we like it so much either. Hope my article helps them.
    Thanks for your comments.

  4. I really enjoy browsing Pinterest but most often outside my niche. I do, however, set aside some targeted time looking for posts to repin that do relate. I too use Tailwind and belong to some groups on there which provide good repin material.

    I’ve been asked to join a couple of group boards but wasn’t sure where to find others. So thanks for the Facebook Group link.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Not surprised to hear your use Tailwind. I am going to be joining more group boards around my niche soon.
      Thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      There is a lot to learn. I have taken many courses about Pinterest. I really like it alot.Thanks for your comments.

  5. Hi Kathryn,
    I still make graphics vertical, colorful, and in accordance with all the instructions and post them on group boards, etc. Yet, I still struggle to get satisfactory Pinterest traffic since last year’s algorithm change. Many people pin my pins but I still struggle for traffic.

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    Reading comments is so nice sometimes. Thank you so much for that comment interesting and informative – exactly what I am going for.
    Love Tailwind, so helpful in posting automatically. I don’t quite understand your last line. Perhaps you could clarify that?

  7. Nice Post. it’s Really Helpful Post. I have the Pinterest account but so many days over didn’t visit due to the busy schedule. I’ll follow these tips. Thank you very much for sharing…

    1. Hi Stephie,
      Thank you, I am glad you found my article on Pinterest helpful to you. I am busy too and that is why I use Tailwind to pre-post my pins.
      You are very welcome, thanks for your comments.

  8. Mirela,
    Free traffic, still takes effort. Glad you found the information useful. Hope you arrived safely at home from the bus. lol

    1. Elina,
      You are welcome, Pinterest is great for getting people back to your blog. Thanks for your comments.

    1. Demim,
      I love Pinterest as well. I can’t pick a favorite, I love all my social media for different reasons.
      Thanks for commenting

  9. Actually, Pinterest is not a social media site. It says it’s self that it is a “visual search engine”.
    Third only to Google, and Youtube. Thanks for your comments.

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