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​We started our business offline 10 + years ago. I created the website and it was a success! It attracted all the clients that we wanted  by marketing online. I started Marketing Offline Online  to help other business owners market their businesses online for their success in their businesses either offline or on.

I have taken many courses to learn as much as possible about running a business online for my current business offline and loved it so started M.O.O.

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula -  "What I've done in this Blueprint PDF is boil down the essence of what the Product Launch Formula is so you could see it in just a few pages. This is my working "mind map" of the entire process." Very extensive course. Many many modules, videos and his expert advice.

Almost all of Meera Kothan's programs including  her books on Amazon. Addictive Business Course Academy ​How to build a 6-figure Business in 5 steps

A four month course with the Bold Angels on Social Media.

One on one coaching with Kyla Roma a Canadian business coach "to small business owners who want an organized, manageable way to run their business. Since 2009 I’ve been a trusted advisor to hundreds of businesses, and creative entrepreneurs who are passionate, discerning, and thoughtful".

The Welcome Lady or welcome coordinator  for PAC (Power Affiliate Club) for 3 almost 4 years. Contacted prospective members by Facebook messenger. Researched eligibility, and if acceptable, welcomed them with a welcome message in the Facebook Group and a personalized image I created. Also celebrated many member's (300at one point) birthdays  with a personalized image. Participated in various groups assisting the creator/owner of the group Leslie Federici.

Other marketers I follow and refer others to are: ( some I may have missed)

Amy Porterfield, Donata White, Eden Fried, Holly Sutton, Janice Wald, Krista Dickson, Kate Doster, Nesha Woolery, Sandra Clayton & ​Taughnee Stone.

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​I am a certified Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist.

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