Are you ready to cut your time in half with a Sales Page Blue Print?

Write a Sales Page

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a sales page that actually sells? This is a solution to that problem...

Why would you need a Sales Page? Do you sell anything?

Before building a course, which I am in the middle of doing, I am  pre-selling it. Learn from your potential customers first. Speak with them, survey them. What do they need?

Validation before product creation. Go were there is a hungry crowd. What niche works for your product or service? What social media platform?

A Sales page for a course, product or service  leads the customer to a clear and highly valuable outcome.  The sale. A win for them and for you.  

Welcome to Your New Way to Build Your Sales Page

Here's why I and our members love Thrive Themes

Benefit Highlight 1

How long should it be? The higher the price the longer the sales page.

It must be engaging not boring

Another Benefit Here

Features of the course

A to B transformation. 

Daily Life now and after taking the course, the service or the product.

Benefit Highlight 3

Competing products what annoy you about other courses

1. They are sooo long

2. Not personally helpful

3. Not any ongoing help

Section 1
One of the many reasons to join

This page was created using Thrive Themes & Thrive Architect - create beautiful content & conversion optimized landing pages.

I started with Thrive Architect in 2016. I am now a member using Thrive Apprentice - online courses for WordPress after taking the "Course Craft" course.
Thrive Leads - create and mange op-informs.
Thrive Ultimatum - scarcity plugin for WP
Thrive Theme - fully customizable, front end theme and template editing for WordPress.

 Thrive University is home to no-fluff, immediately actionable marketing courses made by our very own marketing experts. We’ve reserved access to our most valuable courses for our members only.    

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Sales Page Blue Print

From the creator of Thrive Themes -Sales Page Blueprint - is Shane Melaugh’s bite-sized course (finish it in a single afternoon or weekend), and proven blueprint for how anyone can create a sales page that sells (without using sleazy sales tactics).

You don’t have to be a copywriter or marketer or have any prior experience writing sales copy to be able to put these proven strategies into action for your sales pages. 

With years of experience selling online, Shane  has tried every strategy and tactic in the book, and this course distills all of his wisdom and learning down into an easy-to-finish course that anyone can use to sell anything..

Section 3
This is what you will learn...

This isn’t some fluffy $997 course, or $497, or even $297… in fact, I think you’re going to be really surprised at the cost! :)

Plus, the course is loaded with bonuses and nuggets of information that Shane’s learned from years of trial and error.    You’ll learn…

The 3 Unbreakable Rules Of Copywriting

Audience Polarization Techniques To Identify Your Perfect Buyer
 -The Secret To “Unsticking” Your Writing Process
 -The Secret To Selling Without Sleaze
 - Communication Strategies That Sell
And so much more!

I promise you that this will be the only sales page course you need to sell more products with less effort and without using sleazy sales tactics!

So if getting access to Shane’s exact blueprint for crafting highly effective sales pages could help your business…so take a look at it.



Thrive Themes plugins really are best in class in terms of regular updates, ease of use and just the overall functionality. But they should really just go for the membership because otherwise, they'd be missing out on one of the absolute best all-in-one solutions for websites available anywhere.

- Ayomide

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