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 No One Blogging Platform is Right for Everyone “Different bloggers have different needs  and different blogging platforms are good for different things. Ultimately the “best” one will depend on you and your situation.”

This post was originally published November 18, 2018 Updated Jan 14, 2021.

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Two kinds of WordPress hosting .com and .org

Businesses move online

WordPress.com doesn’t allow third-party plugins (unless you upgrade to their “business” plan). So,if your girl friend tells you about this “amazing” WordPress plugin “you’ve got to try,” you’re out of luck until you upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress.org site.

This is the self hosted type with a domain name. Why?

Several reasons the main one being that YOU own it not Square Space or any of the many free sites, they own it. Professional bloggers use WordPress.org. Why? You can monetize it. You can customize it to be uniquely your own.

Is this for you?

#1: You have a message to share with the world

#2: You want to build a business from home and have an impact on the world through blogging

#3: You know that you have the ability to build a successful blog, but are not sure how to start

You need someone to break down this blogging thing for you and give you an actionable plan to follow.

Here is some information for you on  WordPress Hosting for your Blog/Website.

SiteGround, my  choice of hosting for my blog  has recently  launched a special WordPress Starter that allows first-time users to launch a beautiful and functional site with just a few clicks. This is a great offer for people that are about to start their first site, as our tool takes away a big part of the complexity that can discourage a first timer.

Learn more about WordPress Starter:

SightGround hostingEveryone loves blogging for fun, but if you really want to start a new blog for your business you need to find a way to monetize your niche. This can be done many ways on a business blog.

You Need to Choose a Blogging Platform

  • This site is a WordPress.org site with a blog, and a domain, there are many other types but this is the one that professionals use.

A WordPress.org type of blog requires hosting.

This post walks you through setting up your hosting using SiteGround hosting.

  • I recommend that you start blogging with WordPress.org, not the free WordPress.com. Why?
    First, you own the blog, not the software platform such as Blogger , Wix or Square Space etc.
  • You have more options to make customization of your site using plugins and thousands of paid for free themes.
  • There is support help with WordPress. Many blogs posts and forums and Youtube videos to help you. Also many blogging communities.

Site Host

5 Steps to setting up your site


#1. Hosting

You will need a hosting company. What is the best one?

I use Site Ground  WordPress Hosting for a very good reason. (My affiliate link)

They are the best! I have tried all the major hosting companies. I really recommend using SiteGround for their simplicity, for new people, their excellent customer service, and they are known for their SPEED!

How is SiteGround Better to Start a New Blog?

Superior – they tested with: 12 hosting providers Tests with results in speed and security
Startup plan is affordable, with two other accounts available.

The main reasons I like SiteGround the best.
It was frustrating having my site go down with the other hosting, ( I tried all the major ones,) you had to deal with their support, they were no picnic!

  • SiteGround has 99.99% uptime! Amazing!
  • This is truly something! Your blog won’t be down when you need it. Very comforting!

Really fast Top software Servers around the world – Super cashers.

I transfered from my old site to a new one with SiteGround  and it was easy.

  • We have recently launched our unique WordPress  WP Migrator.
    Around 3,000 WordPress websites are transferred seamlessly to
    our servers from other hosts each month with its help. We
    encourage you to test it yourself and show how this free and
    elegant solution makes it possible for anybody, regardless of
    technical skill, to manage their own website transfers.
    Learn more about WordPress Migrator:


Web Hosting

#2. To Start A New Blog You Will Need a Domain

You can create your websites name and purchase it at Namecheap or SiteGround.

I have used them both, I recommend that you go to either.
Decide on a Domain name. Make sure you have a few name ideas, in case one is taken.

  • When you know what your blog niche will be about, you then need a great domain name!

Do choose something simple, easy to remember and with easy spelling too. No – etc.
Like “Simply Baked” for a catering company or like mine MarketingOfflineOnline.net says it all for what I do. I help Offline businesses promote their businesses online.

Don’t pull your hair out with this. It’s easy to purchase a new domain name in a few months if you really need to. SiteGround has a Grow Big Plan where you are able to host multiple blogs under one hosting package.

#3. Time to Start A New Blog with WordPress Hosting and Site Ground

When I started blogging I tried one hosting company after another. I was with Blue Host, Host Gator, GoDaddy and finally found the best one for my needs. SightGround.

  1. Go to SiteGround> Join us   at SiteGround

If you want the best performance for your WordPress site – or if you think you’re going to have more than one website (which you eventually may…) – choose the GrowBig plan with included SuperCacher. This is the plan I use, and it’s also very budget-friendly –

It comes with more space and resources, as well as premium features like the SuperCacher I talked about earlier. I just hate slow websites, don’t you?!)

If you are a new blogger you could try the StartUp plan. The GrowBig plan has a super fast priority customer support and allows hosting of multiple blogs in one package. The GrowBIg plan allows you to set up more than one website to do testing of different niches. Thru my link you get 60% off.

So faster loading time which gives you higher Google rankings, and a free Wild Card SSL certificate which keeps your website more secure. 24/7 Support

Excellent support staff. You can go to LIVE CHAT and a customer rep will set up your site for you and send you, your WordPress login details. Takes approx 15 mins. Use your login details. In the search bar type use your domain.

( Helpful hint, in case you can’t locate your login details. I always write them down)

#4. Simple Steps

1. Go to MY accounts tab and click on Go to cPanel. Top left button.

2. Next click on Blue WordPress button

3. MicroBlogs Click Install button

4. Fill in the info in next screen.

Software Setup – Choose Protocol httpS://
If you have SSL protocol.
Choose Domain -choose from the drop-down – ex: marketingofflineonline.net
Directory leave blank
Site Description – Brief description of what your site will be about or leave blank for now
Admin username – the same name you use to log into your blog or can use your email address
Admin Password Choose a strong easy to remember password
Admin email enter your email address

#5. Choose a Theme

Best to do this on the inside or back-end of your blog. There are many free themes to choose from but you can change that very easily later on to a paid theme. They come with support and are better quality. I use Thrive Themes for this.

Now is a great time to start a website or upgrade from current web hosting. Building or transferring sites to SiteGround is easy and customers love the 24/7 support.


You now know how to start a new blog  with WordPress Hosting for your business!

If you would like to chat for 20 mins about your blog questions, see my contact page.

My bonus gift to you.

Speed Matters 21 Expert Tips to an Ultra-Fast WordPress Website Click banner to download.

SiteGround Optimization Ebook“Optimizing for speed is a continuous and important part of building and maintaining your WordPress site.
Without optimization, you risk paying more, losing visitors and conversions and even damaging your brand and reputation.” – SiteGround



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  1. Great stuff and I’m actually thinking about making a blog about me, my hobbies and how I’m getting better at my passion. I found it extremely simple, understandable and motivating. Thanks for everything.

    1. Hi again Sathish,
      Actually an about page has all that information about yourself, what your hobbies are and more.
      You can then make the blog about what you are passionate about. Example –
      “I am passionate about helping business people connect their businesses online.”
      Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

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