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What are Your Social Media Goals?

A  business CEO of a company  talks about the future of their company. They have a vision of where their company is going.  They want to supply what their customers/clients are searching for so they do market research. They have a mission statement for their business. They find out what people in their niche are interested in and create products that will be in demand. Social Media Platforms

Why is Social Media Needed?

In 2021 having a social media presence for your business is no longer an option but a necessity. Your business needs interaction and today that takes place online rather than offline. Covid-19 has made that a priority in our lives.

Each and every year the net expands and your business needs to grow at a rapid pace to keep up. Online sales have risen with the pandemic this year, as it was the only place to buy. Think Amazon!

Updated from June 26, 2017   This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will receive a commission. Disclosure


With over 2 billion active Social Media platform accounts you need to be taking advantage of this type of advertising.  Why?

Increased Brand Awareness /More Leads to Website /Increased Sales /Rank on Google/ Increased SEO Search Engines/ Increased Brand Loyalty.

 These are the keys that they use in their step by step plan:

  • business plan
  • blueprint or flow chart
  • mission statement
  • core messages
  • central solutions

with alternative topics

Core Messages

My Mission Statement: “Connecting your business to the net”

Core Message
Base it on your mission statement.  What is the big benefit you want your prospective clients to get from engaging with your content?

My Core Message is ” You can connect your small business to the net successfully using content marketing techniques, various devices such as websites /blogs, up-to-date social media platforms.”

Central Solution
What is the central solution that you provide or what is the one big question you answer when talking to them?

My Central Solution for a successful  business: ” With over ten years as a marketer I know what works for small business owners, step by step,  to move your business forward “


Secondary  Topics
Supporting your core message. (To avoid repeating your core message over and over )  sub-topics or alternative topics that support your core message.

My Alternative Topics to  connect your business to the internet with guidance in:

  • Blogging – Over 100 Articles
  • Creative Writing – Expert Author with PAC
  • Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist
  • Website Design – Knowledge of Design –  Blogs & Websites

Social Media Expertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & LinkedIn

Keys to a successful business

The Keys to Success  

#1 You have to WANT to be a business owner, no excuses,  take action right away. You are consistent in moving your business forward. Your passion will show in everything you do. Your website/blog is constantly updated with content. You advertise regularly and use effective social media on a consistent basis.

But WHO is your Target Audience?

The saying is: If you target everyone you’ll hit no one.  You need a specific group of people interested in the topic you write about. A micro-niche is a subset of your chosen niche. For example “gardeners” – “home gardeners” -niche  “Ottawa home gardeners” Specific targets.
Choose as small a group as possible, but one that is large enough to help you make your marketing objectives. Check the paid Google Ads on your search term. Shows there is money on that topic.

#2. You have to believe YOU CAN DO IT. You believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. If your mentor could do it, then you can too. Sacrificing is not key. You must have goals. That is the right mindset. You want to be a business owner and this affords a great lifestyle for you and your family.

#3. Find a GREAT MENTOR.  There are many coaches on the internet. You want to find one that is documented.  Someone who can show you and teach you how to be a great business owner. Someone who has been there and done it many times over.

#4. Take ACTION,  become recognized by your ideal customers by producing the publication of information that builds trust in relationships That know like and trust factor. A newsletter is a very good way to do so.

Successful business owners are passionate about what they want to accomplish. I am as well. I am all about helping people achieve their business goals. It took us over 12 years offline to build a successful business.  We did so using Social Media and SEO to find our clients using a website and  blogging about our business.

Social Media For Your Business

Learn about becoming a successful business owner.  Plugin to the Energy of Social Media to change your life from pushing sales to being your own Business owner with your own Business goals. To learn more about these subjects be sure to check the article out below

Resource: The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing  -Social Media – Chapter 2 of 10

Quick Sprouts Guide to Content Marketing Chapters 2  that I have touched on here.

I offer a free 15 min chat to talk about your business to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Contact me to chat about what I can help you with in regards to your small business. See my  “Contact”  <page.


About Kathryn Maclean  http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A longtime blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram.

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    1. Hi Karen,
      My goodness I am surprised to hear that. You are so successful at so many things.
      I know you are a terrific author, that you are almost a professor and you have a
      handmade business with your quilts and other things you create. Don’t be so modest
      Karen. You are wonderful at what you do. Thanks for your comments

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    What a valuable article. I have had my mission statement and goals tucked away in a folder. Although I do express it often in my blog posts, it would make good business sense for me to revisit that since my business and the focus have been evolving. I have been interviewing some amazingly successful people on my radio show and I have also created 2 virtual summits featuring leading practitioners, authors, and thought leaders. I’m currently in the process of setting up my 3rd summit, Men and Love.
    So this will be enlightening for me to go back and review the mission statement I had written several years ago.

    Thanks for all your valuable suggestions.


    Dr. Erica

    1. Hi Dr. Erica,
      Thank you for the “valuable article” appreciate that! Yes revisiting makes sense as our goals and even the main mission statement can evolve. Glad to hear you have been having success with your radio show and virtual summits.Best of luck with Men and Love, your 3rd summit. Thank you for your valuable comments.

  2. Hi Kathryn

    You shared gems in this post and what a way to be successful in business. If one does not believe in himself, there is no way he can build a successful business.

    Love your core message. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hi ikechi,
      Thanks for “you shared gems” very kind of you. So true my friend, one can not be successful in building a business if one does not believe in themselves. Thank for your comments. Take Care

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Yes attracting your target audience is important. It’s how you go about doing that though is key. Thanks for your comments

    1. Hi Sue,
      Mission statements don’t really change over the years, I don’t think, they just morph into something more important to you. Thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Elise,
      I think that what you make your mission statement, should sum up the whole reason for which you are online. Directing that statement to people who would be interested in that reason would be your ideal client. Nes pas?

        1. Hi Elise,
          I do agree if your content is not aimed at your ideal client you are wasting your time and effort.

    1. Hi Saurabh,
      Thank you I do try to explain as clearly as possible. You never know who will be reading your article so I try and make it easy to read.Thanks for your comments.

  3. Hi Kathryn

    Great article, and I specially like the part about “Alternative Topics”, because I have to confess I flit about a bit… bit always with the same end goal in mind.

    Sometimes I will start on a path and then discover that, in practice, it’s not working out. Rather than throw good time / money after bad, I prefer to learn and move on – but still with my main mission statement in mind.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hi Joy,
      Thanks, I think your mission stays just that your main mission. What you do sometimes takes you off track but hey that’s life.Thanks for your comments.

  4. Wow! i feel like converting this blog in to a book and carry it every where i go. your blog is full of useful info. Impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who had also been conducting a research on this topic.

    1. Solowayne,
      Wow! Thank you. As far as converting it to a book, I have a page on my site under the about me page named Start here. It links to a book that I am included in and it’s on Amazon. PAC Knows: Wisdom from PAC Expert Authors As far as “Carrying it everywhere” smartphones do just that, my blog is accessible on all devices. Thanks for your comments!

    1. Thank you LogoTrak I do try and write articles that are helpful especially when it comes to Social Media.

  5. I completely agree with finding a mentor! A mentor is a must to drive any business online or offline. It saves a lot of and time and effort. One can easily channelize that time and effort in doing stuff that’s important!

    1. Rohan,
      Yes your Mentor has been there and done that their selves. Channeling effort into important things is Important! Had a few mentors myself.

  6. Thank you for your great article!
    However, I have seen people buy an active social media account from website such as socialtradia.com or fameswap.com! They can be helpful because you won’t start the from the scratch! But I didn’t know how legit the website are!

    1. Bobby,
      I was not aware of social tradia so I checked them out. Not exactly a good practice. I see they not only trade in Instagram accounts but also many others including Facebook. Never buy your followers, you will not know if they are legit. What kind of relationship would you be able to grow with a lead like that? Patience in growing your social media I would say is needed. Thanks for your comments

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