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Smartphones enable people to capture and share moments in real time and communicate with images instead of text. Media time spent and mobile will continue to be the key driver for this growth. People go to Instagram to not only share these moments but to also be inspired.  Same with Pinterest.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing communities online today. Today, 300 million monthly active users. Understand what Instagram is and how the Instagram community can help you to build your brand grow.

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What is Marketing? 

Should you be on Google +? Should you blog?  Should you tweet?

Wondering which marketing methods are best for your small local business?

Certified Social Media Consultant   

Kathryn Maclean – CEO of Marketing Offline Online. net

You know that social media is hot right? Of  course you do.
It’s a tool for any business professional who is eager to expand their reach online.

“State of Word of Mouth Marketing Survey,” the study found that 70% of marketers expect their companies will increase spending on social media in 2014 than digital advertising (59%) or email marketing (53%)

It’s statistics like that which make getting social just about impossible to ignore.

Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur…

That’s why you need a Social Media Manager!
Offline businesses already spend money advertising, such as yellow pages, radio & TV. Many spend money for online advertising too, but it’s ineffective. Using old techniques just does not work NOW!


We Create Your Content Strategy

The way to get in front of your prospective customer is to create a relationship that is going to provide valuable content on a consistent basis.

“People buy from people they know – like -and trust” – Jeffery Gitomer. Don’t you?
To help you achieve this, we need to design a “Content Strategy”. A simple spreadsheet that charts what content you will release, when and where. As an example: -what blog posts will you publish on what day, how many photos, status updates, videos, links etc posted across your platforms, daily, weekly, monthly.
Metrics for your Social Media Marketing.

The next thing we need to do is measure your content -see if its working. You need to see who is responding to your social media.So what are your most important metrics?

. Daily visitors to your main landing page
. Number of optins
. Number of sales

One of the keys to generating a lot of leads and building solid relationships is consistency. You have to be present, consistent with your message, consistent with your engagement and with everything else in life knocking at your door. Consistency can be the hardest thing to achieve.

You wouldn’t leave in the morning without eating your breakfast, would you? That is just how committed we need to become about your daily tasks that must be completed in order for you to achieve your weekly social media platforms.

For instance, creating and publishing blog posts, researching industry updates and sharing on your page/profile, creating engaging status updates or tweets, responding and engaging with customers, networking and raising your profile, etc.

Please do not think for one second I am talking about ‘Set & Forget’ here. It’s just not possible in the transparent and social world we live in today. What I’m talking about is systemization, creating systems within your business to give you the time to work on what is most important!

The more your business grows, the more you will be able to systemize & automate elements of your daily & weekly tasks. As you bring in more revenue, so you will invest in more tools to make your job / life easier.

To begin you can to do the bulk of it yourself, signing up with the major social media – – – we are living in the land of the free online right now and there are a multitude of free and low cost tools that will save you lots of time!




Twitter is a favorite social media platform of millions of people

Did you know that Taylor Swift the country/pop star has over
50.5Million fans on Twitter?

Twitter has been very good for Taylor Swift’s business, promoting herself to her millions of fans. It can also be good for your online or offline business. 284 Million monthly active users. 80% of Twitter
active users are on mobile. 77% of accounts are outside the U.S.

Just under Taylor’s Twitter acount you see a link to her blog. You could also use this technique when someone visits your Twitter account have a link to a page that can say more about you than the
160 characters on your Twitter account.

A page that is just for your Twitter followers, with  your photo perhaps an offer that is exclusive to only your Twitter followers. Content about yourself and what your business does. A list of your blog posts that may entice them to your website.

Your Twitter Profile
It shows the world who you are, with the new profiles it’s even easier to show you as yourself. So you have a Twitter account right? If not google Twitter and sign up. It’s free. You can get it on your PC or on
your phone. iPad, Twitter for Windows 8 or Android Tablet.

Using Twitter to Help Build Your Business Relationships
Are you being consistent or just using it occasionally. Do you try to form a relationship with a new follower? If you understand that you can form friendships by looking beyond the basics you will want to
make Twitter your social media tool of choice.

Steps to Winning at Twitter
1. Does your profile pic represent you? I have mine tied to my facebook profile pic. When ever I change one the other changes as well. Using IFTTT.
2. Are you using keywords in your bio? Also include a link.
3. Do re-tweet valuable content for others to enjoy.
4. Use the 20 /80 rule. 80% engaging content, 20 % adverting
5. Take the initiative to personalize that big cover pic.
6. Should someone be kind enough to RT your tweet, do you tell them thanks? New follower – did you say hi?
7. Use the 4 to 1 rule. Retweet @Retweet or @Reply others work – 4 times to 1 of your own.
8. Leave a bit of space use 120 or the 140 characters so people can RT your post. Always use a URL shortener. I like

Are You Using # Hashtags?
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ all are using hashtags as well as Facebook in the future. A hashtag is simply a phrase or specific keyword with a “#” placed in front of it This is a great way to have people find you, and a good way to find clients as well. Look up tools Social Mention or Tagboard
Search for your competitors name of your product or your businesses name. if you would like YOUR posts to come up in searches, be sure to include commonly used hashtags in them so they’re easy to find!

How Often Should You Tweet?
If you rarely tweet say posting once a week or a few times a week.
It’s likely that others won’t care what you are saying, they don’t reply to you or retweet you.However if you tweet a lot like Taylor Swift does you will find that these people who tweet all day long will be the ones who will look at your stream of content and see that you retweet others frequently, full of
interactions with others and they might think your business stream is just the kind of interaction and indicates a valuable tweeter they would love to follow.

If you don’t stand out but do everything just like everyone else, then it is likely that your Twitter followers will abandon your account and look for unique and exciting tweets like those of Taylor Swift.
You don’t have to be a star you just have to be interesting and interested in your twitter fans. Please follow me at…
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followers 50.5M !!!

About Kathryn Maclean
A long time blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting I am a certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Also an Affiliate & Network Marketer using resources such as the Power Affiliate Club where I am the welcome coordinator



 4 Innovative Ways To Access Online Marketing in 2016

With the new year of 2016, instant access to social media
made possible by mobile devices means marketers will need
to plan ahead energizing and changing their marketing strategies
to prepare for newly developing Social Media platforms such
as Instagram and Pinterest.

Pinterest was launched in March 2010, 48.7 million users which ballooned to 3,79,599 in 2012. accessed via mobile devices at an incredible 4,225% more. It sells to the demographic of – Women, outnumber male Pinterest users by about five to one. You would be wise to continue reading this article to find out more about this social media giant and others.

1. Pinterest
Invented to help people create online collections.

Just about anything that appeals women. Things that they love. Fantasyland for foodies, fashion lovers, home decor ideas, interests and hobbies of the approximately 48 million people currently using the site. This represents 16 % of US Internet users to only 1 % fewer than Twitter.

2. Investing in Influence Marketing
Becoming more significant this new year, blogging and social media. Brand advocates opinions will count towards making their audiences sit up and take notice. The time for innovation is now, creating campaigns to notice your brand and create engagement.

3. Visual Content Platforms
With consumer trends today that point towards a tendency to visual content, more than just reading text, the greater emphasis will be on good design graphics and creative interpretations that lend themself to selling products or services.

The growing popularity of Pinterest and Instagram as visual platforms has made brands take notice and discover visually appealing ways to communicate with their audience. Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in their history.

Mainly because of their content and beautiful visuals. The coming year will see brands investing seriously in these emerging platforms and to set aside budgets for building content in their marketing campaigns.

4. Instagram
Founded in October 2010. 40 million photos are uploaded per day. Visually centric, but a more challenging platform for beginner marketers.

Users can only share their own Instagram photos. On Pinterest you can hyperlink your url and photo with one click. On instagram anyone who clicks on your photo gets brought back to Instagram.
Not so great for marketers interested in sending traffic to a specific online location.

When you load content no one can immediately do anything with it. You can’t hyperlink, but there’s no reason why you can’t insert a URL into your description. Your about page is clickable.

2016 will see marketer’s shift from the way they view their target markets as well as how they view their brands. It takes effort to figure out how to use any social media plaform and use it to it’s full potential. The rate at which they change is volatile, but the fact that most consumers are slow to adapt,
is in your favor. If you take the time to be one of the knowledgeable marketers about these new social media markets, you will have a signficant business advantage over those who don’t put forth the effort and your business in 2015 will be a huge success.

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What is Pinterest?   36 boards and 949 pins.
How Does Pinterest Marketing Work?
Pinterest for your business offers ways for gathering ideas, pushing your content, and providing other resources. Best to use Crome or Firefox browsers with Pinterest.It’s very visual, it’s brand involved with social media but it works a little differently than other social media platforms, such as Facebook or even Twitter.
 Pinterest, which allows users to create online bulletin boards is based on various themes such as travel, decorating, or food.It’s important to think like your target audience. How would a pin that’s being posted relate to business goals? Why would a pin be of particular interest to click on for your target audience?It functions as ideas and inspiration to it’s business pinners.

Think trends in fashion, ideas for newly engaged brides-to-be, and brands personalities by gathering ideas in different ways.You can also supplement your regular website content.

Pinterest  is video-friendly too. Charts and infographics related to your niche do well on Pinterest. Inspirational quotes are very popular.Pinterest’s etiquette guide states that Pinterest is designed to curate and share ideas you love. But do not use Pinterest only as a tool for self-promotion. Balance your pin-boards, for every promotional post add 5 that are not.Be personal sharing your company’s likes, inspiration as well as your resources on Pinterest. This makes you more approachable.

Who is your Audience?
Pin images that your customer demographic would like. Pin contet that appeals to the lifestyle of your target audience to build a strong following

Go Viral
Content can go viral with enough likes and re-pins. The most liked images are on it. Popular page.
Lots of article tips, infographics and more listed as popular. So do pin useful content that your followers will be happy to share.

The Pin It Button
You can add the P button to your browser – they show you how on the site. Then it’s easy to add to your board without even being on the Pinterest site. You just select the image, and select the board that pops up They do everything else.

If you are interested in driving traffic to your website Pinterest handles e-commerce well. The top driver of the sites current referral traffic is Etsy. Their pins links back to every source. This means free advertising . You can’t beat that.

Most popular categories of boards
Home Decor / Art / Design / Woman’s Apparal / Photography/ DIY & Crafts/
My Life/ Food & Drink / Film, Music & Books/ Products/Travel & Places/

Most Popular Pins –  Food & Drink /DIY & Crafts /Home Decor /

Not a good idea to pin images from everywhere. If it’s not your image you need to get permission before pinning. If you see something from say a Google image search pin the image from the actual site it was located on.If your brand has a strong visual visual element it should fit well on Pinterest. Even bloggers can leverage images in their articles to pin their content. Is Pinterest a good fit for your business?You must have a purpose and a passion behind your campaign if you hope to be successful. If your business goals aren’t about getting more prospects and direct sales, then you’re more likely interested in taking more of a public relations stand point with your Pinterest marketing.
You use Pinterest because it offers a great space to advertise what you do and to grow your brand awareness. As a marketing company, I use it to drive traffic to my blogs, to use it to further to establish myself as a knowledgeable
person about Pinterest.
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