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Social Media when you die

Deceased online. Not a subject you see online very much, most of us don’t think about this eventuality, but quite an important one and it is better to be prepared.

I had a Facebook friend a few years ago, that I learned was deceased online. It was only in a random post from a mutual friend that I learned of this sad fact. It was shocking to learn that she had passed away a month ago previously to this post.  I had to message our mutual friend to find out what happened. This is not what I would want to have happened concerning my own death.  I’ll bet you feel the same. So here is content that  I have found to make it easier for friends and family concerning digital legacy.

Digital Legacy


Online Legacy

Steve Dotto of Dottotech had a Wednesday webinar recently discussing this subject of being deceased online. He has added a Thinkific min-course for all the details concerning this much-needed information for free, I might add. Click his image below to sign up for the course.

Do you have a Will?

While you probably have created a will that outlines what should happen to your possessions, what about your online property? I have a will and I will be letting my executor know about this article so she knows about my online business property.

Social Media Accounts

What happens to all the social media accounts, websites, hosting, domains and ads we have online? The bank accounts, multiple user names, and passwords to access sites for work, social media accounts, email accounts, online portfolios?  You may be the only person who can legally and physically access them right now. So what happens to them in the event of your passing?

I have a significant online presence, likely you do as well. Our lives are tied to the digital world. Our social media feeds are full of our personal info, images, shared moments, snapshots of our lives frozen in time. Do you just want to lose all of that when you are deceased online? Ask your family and loved ones what they want. Particularly photos. See the end of the article about this.

Something everyone should think about but especially if:

  • you use a lot of monthly subscription tools
  • you have a significant other who will need access to your accounts
  • you have a business partner(s) who will need access to your accounts
  • you own an online business have a significant online presence multiple social media accounts

Even mentioned: Points reward cards, Tim Horton cards, Air Miles… etc

Web sites and domains in your name linked to your chosen payment method. If you want these to be passed to someone, you need to make provision in your will. Speak to your lawyer and executor

Information File for Significant other

I know my spouse will not know where to go to do all of this so I suggest that you make a list of the hostings services you use, all the websites with usernames and passwords and the various places you host your online portfolios.  Make a file – Deceased online. Tell you’re significant other about this file on your computer. It will have all the info they will need to know.

Each social media platform handles this subject on digital legacy a little differently (more in the course. He also has a great video as well.)

Facebook has a legacy contact for you to add a friend and walks you through setting it up.

Google has an inactive account manager with a set time limit.

Instagram has a memorize account request – locked as a shrine.

LinkedIn has a family or friend request removal, a list of info needed.

Pinterest has an email address to send to:  name password email info.

Snapchat needs the username and password and precise instructions on what to do.

Click  pic  –  for this mini-course

social media after you die


In your deceased online file:

Website name:





Domain names:


Social Media


Facebook pages:

Facebook Group:






Any particular friend that might be able to help your spouse with information: Facebook link:

You also might want to save your favorite images. Rest easy knowing your content will always be safe in your permanent digital home at Forever. All of this is possible because of the Forever™ Guarantee and our easy-to-use web, mobile, and desktop apps.  You can do so  for $29 a mth at:  

This subject about being deceased online I thought was handled so well by Steve Dotto. I wanted to write an article when he first had the subject on his program. However he said he would have further info in the way of a mini-course, so  I waited till he had this done. The course is short but has a lot of information in it. I hope it is useful to you.

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