Unique Tips for More Engaging Website Content Traffic

Traffic comes from many areas, Social Media platforms, word of mouth but mostly from Google.

How a quality over quantity focused SEO strategy reduces the amount of content you need to create while getting you much better results...

This course is about what happens before someone sees an opt-in form. It's about getting people to find your business in the first place and getting them to want to sign up to your newsletter.

Do you know where your target audience gathers?

Develop Focus & Mindset

Are you seeing your greatest potential?

Do you find this to be an issue?

-Doing your own SEO is the right approach for most small online businesses 

Outsourcing SEO altogether is only a viable option for mid sized businesses and up, because it always ends up being more expensive and more complicated than expected.

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Value Based Business

Know who you are talking to. Push the wrong people away who are not attracted to you. Know your target market.

Give your best value to people in your target circle.