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Do you know about Instagram Stories? They focus more on Engagement on this platform, even more than Facebook and Twitter. I have one Instagram account and two Facebook accounts as well as my Facebook profile.  

I have a  GIFT for you.  Use this with your Instagram profile link. Linktree

How it works
Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform.

Let your content live longer than the feed. Free or Upgraded services.- You can now add your Facebook Custom Audience Pixel to your This will allow you to track visitors, segment them, build lookalikes and re-market to them on Facebook and Instagram.

Link tree


See tools for business owners below…




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Like to be a better marketer?

Tools for small business owners can save you time and money. Like these 10 Instagram tools and I took them all for a test drive for you, and took notes.

  1. Websta – was Westgram
    Instagram Web Viewer you have access to your Instagram account via your computer. You can comment and like, also give you the ability to organize your posts, subscribe to users and get stats for your account. This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.
    All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are the property of Instagram.

Custom Feeds allow you to get chronological updates from users who matter to you most!
You can create a maximum of three feeds. Start by naming your Custom Feed and selecting users.


  1. Only you can see your feeds unless you ticked “public” in the feed’s settings.
  2. Users will not be notified if you added them to your feeds.
  3. You can add any user. They don’t have to be a follower or a user you are following.
  4. Private users may appear in the search box but their posts will not show on the feed

Optimization – best time to post on Instagram.   Engagement – shows follower growth history.
A management tool that allows you to manage your conversions and you can customize your photos and more… Use it to promote Instagram account outside of the platform. This is perfect for businesses that are new to Instagram but also have a strong following on Facebook.  This is a free program.

2. Iconosquare – was Statigram –
Goes directly to your Instagram account. The daily refresh will stop if you do not come to see your stats for a couple of days. As soon as you visit the Analytics section again, a refresh will be launched. Just be patient, one visit to the page is enough. This is a paid only.

3. Crowdfire – was Justunfollow
Sign in with Instagram or Twitter Authorize your email.
Tells you who is following and users who aren’t following me back!! From email to me. This works for both Instagram accounts as well as one Twitter account of mine.
Would you like to know exactly who has unfollowed you? Crowdfire gives you an easy way to find inactive followers and unfollowers.  Then delete them. Find new users to follow and keep track of how your social media updates impact your follow/unfollower numbers.

4. SnapWidget –
Show your Instagram photos on your website.
If you want to embed an Instagram gallery on your website or blog then try SnapWidget. A basic and customized widget that is free if you want more than one widget, to have access to advanced customization options like custom CSS, it will run you about $7/month. Shows example.
Pop up Find out how you can use Instagram to grow your business or website and connect with your customers optin.

Pull down for more…

5. Repost
Stop the screenshot & cropping nonsense! Find & share your favorite Instagram media without all the steps – all while tastefully pointing to the original post.
Lets you easily repost photos on Instagram, while giving credit to the original poster.
It also lets you see which photos ad users are getting the most reposts as well as allowing you to search for relevant users, tags ad contests. Repost for Instagram makes it easy to #Repost your favorite photos & videos on Instagram while giving credit to the original Instagramer. Download from App Store or Android.

6. Simply Measured Free Instagram User Report

This free tool will tell you which photos are working best, which are working well outside of Instagram and how your performance is trending. Simply input your user name. Start a free trial of social analytics. View or download a sample report Shows keyword Analysis and Most Active commentators.  Shows comments and photos posted by day and time chart Much more and you can download it to Excel.

Are you using social media to reach new customers?
Have you tried using Instagram? Instagram boasts 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Is there a place for Instagram in your marketing plan?
Instagram is more than a fun, photo-based social network.

I  can help you promote your products or services, and get more leads and generate conversions.

Contact me for a free chat for 15 mins  See my “about me” page.

Do you know how to connect with others on Instagram?
Instagram can reinforce your relationship with current followers, while giving you opportunities to meet new fans and influencers. Discover four ways you can create deeper connections with followers and industry influencers, generate leads and get customer feedback using Instagram Direct.

Instagram Tips…

7 easy ways to monitor the most important metrics – Instagram
1. Likes – easy to count Likes
2. Comments – pics that get the most – post more like it
3. Followers – take note of how many followers you have today
4. Engagement – What % of followers engage? Divide the number of Likes and Comments by the follower count.
5. Clicks – are people clicking thru your IG link on the page?
Use a URL shortener to track this metric or Google Analytics.

Create a landing page -track conversions there.
6. Mentions – Are people talking about your business on IG?
Search for different Instagram hashtags to find out

Another tool listed on the above page is Websta
Shows the most popular hashtags

7. Hashtags that are the Most Popular
1. #Love More than 696 million Instagram posts have the
#love hashtag
2. #instagood Has appeared on 314 million posts.
3. #me More than 297 million posts have this
4. #tbt For those how to market on Instagram

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What do you want to do with engagement on your Facebook Fan page?

Facebook offers many more ways to engage with potential customers.

*If you have suddenly lots of people visiting your fan page where would you be sending them and why? There are different ways to handle that traffic to your page.

One way is, of course, is putting a link to your website in the About section of your Fan page. In the short description and general information sections as well as the website section.

Also on your Profile page (don’t get confused with this, it’s the page you get when you join  A Fan or business page you must create yourself)  Go the top left section of your Profile page – see the little pencil when you hover over there. You are able to list your fan pages there. I have 6 listed fan pages.

Another area to advertise is the tab or now called APPS, hover over the right side to manage or under the More -bottom of link Manage Tabs – you can reorder your tabs.

Moving it to the top three to be seen on the left side of  your page.
If you move Notes to the top It will appear at the top of your page, in the menu as well. It stays there.

You can then take the html from your article on your website and put it in the notes section. People will see the article in your status as a post, but it will stay on your notes permanently.

So now that we know what to do with our engagement, let’s GET some more traffic to your fan page.

#1 Promote Your Content
Publish as much as possible. Don’t just share your post on social media, pin the shares of your post to the top of your Twitter profile and  to the top of your Facebook page for as long as you like.

Use social media advertising to promote shares of your blog posts on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You also use promotion strategies such as emailing your list and reaching out to your influencers in your niche when you publish great content. This actually helps you to extend your content’s reach and generate new readers for your blog.

#2 Do you Publish on a Consistent Schedule?
You don’t necessarily need to post every day, but you should publish a blog post at least once a week. This will keep your readers on the lookout for it. If they go to your blog and don’t see new content they most probably won’t return.

#3 Offer Multiple Ways to Subscribe
Not everyone wants to receive more email in their inbox. If they can only subscribe that way they likely won’t. So offer email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter etc. Whatever suits their preferences.
You may also want to create a specific page on your blog that explains your subscription options. Not everyone is tech-savy. A new person to the internet might need a better explanation on the benefits of subscribing by email, RSS or a social network.

#4 Show Off More of Your Content
A visitor who enters your blog through your homepage should see lots of content options. If you showcase a lot of content readers are more likely to find something of interest.

#5 Get Content Ideas From Visitors
So how do you keep visitors coming back to your blog? Let them know that you want to create content just for them. Add a quick survey to your blog. A survey not only helps you learn more about what your visitors want, but it also ensures that you won’t run out of topic ideas.

Once visitors submit topic ideas, and hopefully they will subscribe to your blog so they can see if you use their suggestion for your new content.

#6 Allow Comments
Some blog owners turn off comments to reduce the amount of moderation required because of spam. Allowing visitors to leave comments on your blog turns a site with informational articles into a community. Visitors will know they can ask the author questions and also interact with other readers. This makes them more likely to return.

To encourage visitors to become loyal readers and members of your community, be sure to reply to comments on your blog for the first two weeks after a post has been published.

After that, look for questions that you can answer in future blog posts.

With these tips and creating quality content, your blog audience should continue to grow. If you would like to join a very good blogging community you are welcome to go to the PAC or Power Affiliate Community and join.  We offer many programs, one of which is a weekly Blog Challenge where all participants visit and comment on each other’s blogs. I belong to the Expert Authors

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The NEW Pinterest Analytics Dashboard gives you access to new analytics, but you must have a Pinterest business account. You can sign up for one here:

If you already have an account you can convert it to a business account. You can sign up here:  Your upgraded account Business account,  is verified from your business website. All very easy to do, and it’s free.

Now Pinterest has New Re-Vamped Analytics.
Your Pinterest dashboard shows an overview of main categories.
To get to your Analytics -click your Pinterest profile at the top
of the Pinterest page, a drop-down menu shows -Analytics.
More information on this page.

Your Profile Analytics – organized into 4 sections:
Impressions, Repins, Clicks and All-Time.
You can click on each category to see additional details and have
a better idea of how your Pinterest efforts are paying off or not.
It’s eye opening to see the actual clicks to boards you thought would be popular and others you had no idea they would be ranked so high.

You can find in the main Analytics -categories
#1 Your Pinterest Profile
The impressions sections shows your top 50 pin impressions as well as your top 20 boards with top pin impressions.
Click Repins and you will see 50 of your most repinned items
and which board has the most repins.

#2 The Click Section is the most clicked pin out of 50 and your
20 boards with the most-clicked pins. Also you see the number
of repins, impressions, clicks, likes and # of pins.

#3 The Al-Time Section is particularly helpful. You will see
your 50 most repinned pins, pin with the highest search rank
and power pins (pins with a high mix of clicks, repins)
A tip – repin your top pins to different boards or to group
boards. It’s a great way to get that content in front of new pinners
who may not have seen it before.

#4 Your Audience
The new Pinterest Analytics tools gives a free glimpse into how
consumers self-sect their interests. Pinterest shares the details
about the users interacting with your pins.

Your Audience category offers a filter opt-in. At the top of the page
you can choose -filter data by All Audiences or Your Followers.
All Audiences highlight the entire audience of Pinterest while

Your Followers focuses on just your followers. You can use the
All Audiences and Your Followers filter on both the Demographics
and Interests tabs. Demographic shows you basic audience data
– location – language – gender.

To find out what people are talking about for looking for the interests tab is the place to be, definitely look at how your All Audiences data overlaps from the Your Followers data. If you compare them you can home in on the topics your audience is searching for and create content to match it.

Another important new feature lets you see the other brands your followers are following. If you know which business accounts are similar to yours, extremely important on Pinterest, it’s always a
good idea to keep an eye on the competition!

Your Website Activity on Pinterest
If you encourage people to pin articles and images from your website this will be a key element of your success on Pinterest See the url for more on images.

The Activity from (your website ) Category shows your website’s 50 top pins and 20 top boards. Also how their impressions, repins and clicks stack up.

You have access to three other important stats:
Original Pins, All-Time and the Pin It button.

Original Pins show the 50 newest pins shared from your website. This tells you which topics are popular with your audience so you should create similar content for even more pins.

Click on the Pin it button link to see how many times your website’s Pin It button has been seen on your site’s pages. The number of times it was clicked, and how may times someone has pinned from your site.

How to use Pinterest For YourBusiness
Pinterest also has free advice. You can sign up for the Pinterest

(See the Help Center on that page as well.)


If you want to delve into more performance factors on how to market your business you will find everything you need, such as top Pinterest boards and best Pinterest practices. For more information to make your business on Pinterest a success, you can read the article below.

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