10 Exciting Pro Blogger Tips on Social Media Marketing

Learn how to blog and become a…. PRO Blogger Did you know that 82% of marketers who blog consistently (at least on a weekly basis) -acquired a customer from using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog sporadically or only monthly? This post appeared on Marketing Offline Online April 23, 2018   Businesses that blog […]

Fresh New Year for Profit with Social Media

Are you feeling uninspired and frustrated with social media,  moving your business forward in the New Year? Challenge is now over…. see below Still struggling with marketing and social media for your business?  I’ve got the solution!  If You haven’t been doing EVERYTHING you can If You haven’t been giving it 100% What would happen if YOU […]

Facebook Update

Improve Your Facebook Post   How can you have the best Facebook post? If you market on Facebook, you are probably interested in having better reach for your Facebook updates of your posts. Here are 7 tips to help you. Many businesses start posting on Facebook without a  plan. As a result, their posts don’t […]

Social Media Sites and Your Sanity

How many social media sites do you run? You don’t need to be on them all! That’s insanity, there are so many now. You just have to be on the right ones! If you are on them all perhaps it’s because you are a social media manager like I am. How can you manage social […]

6 Social Media Practices For Your Business Pages

  Using Social Media online is not the same for every network. Every business owner or entrepreneur connects with consumers today using social media. Even offline businesses use online social media. It’s a  quick way to appeal to prospective clients and customers. But it can be confusing for online or offline businesses. You need a social […]

Social Media Legacy

Deceased online. Not a subject you see online very much, most of us don’t think about this eventuality, but quite an important one and it is better to be prepared. I had a Facebook friend a few years ago, that I learned was deceased online. It was only in a random post from a mutual friend that I […]

Instagram business

    Now there is Instagram Online Business Instagram has more than 300 Million active users. It’s not just for pretty photos anymore If you are using Instagram online for your business you may want to start using Business Instagram. Posting Strategy If you are using Instagram to promote your business you will need a plan to […]

How to Improve Your Facebook Engagement – Quickly!

  Your Facebook Business Page/ or Fan Page   really needs engagement – for your online business to thrive.   Some recent Facebook Stats: 1.13 billion daily active users on average for June 2016 1.03 billion mobile daily active users on average for June 2016 1.71 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2016 1.57 billion […]

Start a -Post Facebook Group

We all post Facebook updates, but do YOU post on a Facebook Group that YOU own? Private Facebook Groups are simple to join, just the click a button. EASY! It’s much less threatening than being on an email list that we don’t really want to follow. But these groups are only good for us if […]

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