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Are YOU a solopreneur?

I am sure you know all the different hats you need to wear to market your business…

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Updated This article appeared first on Marketing Offline Online in Sept 2016.

To find out what the readers of your blog are interested in learning about there is one way to find out.

Ask Questions 

I want to ask questions to learn more about how we can help each other.

  • What things would you love to learn about marketing?
  • What do you want to learn about social media?
  • How can you make your business grow?

solopreneur entrepreneur
“A Solo Entrepreneur  is a professional who chooses to go into business for him/herself (“go solo”), collaborates with others, grows his/her business without boundaries, and, more than likely, without employees. The Solo Entrepreneur may also be called a free agent, freelancer, solopreneur, self-employed, sole proprietor, or home-based business owner.

A solopreneur business lifestyle that means being isolated or being completely on your own. Solo business owners often collaborate with others and build alliances with other soloists according to their business needs.

Although most solo entrepreneurs do not have traditional employees, some may have a handful of key employees to help support their day-to-day business needs or build their business in other ways.

Many find creative ways to support various aspects of the business, by “hiring” contractors including virtual assistants (VAs), freelance copywriters, marketing consultants, virtual bookkeepers and independent technical support consultants, etc.” Sourced from  -https://www.solo-e.com/solo-entrepreneurs/

I want to know -not guess what YOU need.  -not what I think you want.  I hope these tips help you in your marketing. If you are a solopreneur.  Our newsletter awaits….on the home page.

There are many ways to be more visible online

  • Through your blog  – writing & posting articles to all your social media
  • Through  your audio – as guests  on various podcasts
  • Through your email list  – spread your products and special tips
  • Through  your own videos – on your site or on your social media or a video channel

Of the four, of course, my choice is writing. I love blogging and all that is involved in marketing a small business. This has become my passion, to help women business owners market their businesses.

I was once a small business owner offline and learned to market my business the hard way, on my own.

I am an introvert and I love to blog. Recently I saw that a large convention of bloggers that were surveyed and that 70% of them stated that they were introverts. I’m in good company then. What about you?

Another way to find out what people are interested in is to chat.


If you would like to contact me see my about me page for a free 20 min chat. See my contact page to book a chat.

I would love to have you join my email list.

Content to my email list that I don’t include on my blog or my social media.

Being a solopreneur is not easy, but everyone who now has a  large and successful business team started out this way. Including myself.

2 of my most popular blog posts



About Kathryn Maclean http://www.facebook.com/KathrynRMaclean
A longtime blogger with WordPress /domains & hosting. A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and an Affiliate Marketer and VA.

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  1. Hi Kathryn,

    Although I’m not an introvert marketer, my husband is lol. He does so much and is so quiet about things. As you well know David and I work together all the time…in the same office even. The man is brilliant and whenever I want to shout him out to the world, he says no he he he

    But through his writing, he is amazing.


    1. Hi Donna,
      No that is one thing I would say about you, you are no introvert. Wonderful marketer and blogger though lol.
      Not surprised to hear that David, your husband is an introvert. He is a brilliant author. Love his articles. He should write more.
      My husband and I also share an office. Our desks are separated only by plants. He is a definite people person, great at chatting. I
      guess we both have spouses who compliment us. Thank you for sharing my article. Appreciate it. Hope you feel great soon.

  2. Hey Adrienne,
    I have not experimented with doing audio, but I suppose that might work when I find out how to do it exactly.
    Video not so much, or as you say just your hands, but it work just using a slide presentation and talking over it.
    Like something on SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net/

    Thanks for your comments

  3. Hi Kathryn

    I am an introvert too and I prefer right over the others. I tried audio once and it did not feel right. I even did a video for promoting a shipping company and it fared well but writing is my fav.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hi ikechi,
      Yes us introverts have to stick together. I have not tried audio yet but it might be ok to promote that way for me.
      A friend asked me for a video testimonial and my first thought was no, but I have found a course that looks very
      good about how to do it step by step so I end up looking professional in a video, so he may get his testimonial after
      all. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Ed, no you certainly are no introvert! lol
    An easier method for me is also writing. I can come up with a mean article, no problem.
    But put me in front of more than 4 people I am inhibited. That’s just me.
    Thanks for your comments!

  5. Hi Johanna,
    Lots of bloggers seem to be introverts. Don’t say never, I understand not liking video I’ve done them too but did you know that video is the fastest way to market to your audience. It’s number 1 right now so I will be doing video again when I can. Stepping outside your comfort zone is painful but that’s how you grow. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Hi Kathryn,
    Some how I lost my original start of my comment so you may see two. Not sure what happened. Whatever it was I did, so not to worry.

    I think I would call myself a “selective introvert.” Most of the times I’d rather be silent but sometimes I will do videos.

    Thanks for the suggestions and I think I’m going to try asking more questions on my blog.

    1. Hi Monna,
      Nope only see the one comment. Asking is good. I don’t think I’ve heard selective introvert before. Lots of marketers do videos and I know they are introverts. Thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Annette,
      Video is number #1 in communicating your message. Like anything else, practice is needed to be good at it.
      Thanks for your comments.

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