We all post Facebook updates, but do YOU post on a Facebook Group that YOU own?

Face book groups

Private Facebook Groups are simple to join, just the click a button. EASY! It’s much less threatening than being on an email list that we don’t really want to follow. But these groups are only good for us if we respect everyone.

Updated from Sept 16, 2016 to August 23, 2021

What should be #1… Rule be?…. NO outbound links. (Yet, isn’t that the first thing people so often do the moment they join a group ?)

Post Facebook Fan/ Or Business Pages

My Facebook posts in the news feed were rarely seen. Posts to my personal page a little more but you can’t put business on your personal page.  Facebook groups brought me a much better return on my (time) investment. I’m involved with various groups, some of which have daily promotion threads, others have weekly share days that I make sure to take advantage of. Keeping track of all these on AirTable is a good idea. Air table is Free. More info about AirTable here.

Before you start a Facebook Group, do your research. Find out about all the different types of groups that there are.  Do you want a secret group etc. The best groups are the well-established groups.  They have been online for sometime and have learned what to do.

Women in Business Facebook Group

After many years on Facebook, I have found the best way to really connect on a higher level is with groups that have been on FaceBook for years. They are successful for a reason. They really make a connection with people and that means they build real relationships online. They have real engagement and meaningful communication between the admins and the members.People make lifelong friendships in these successful types of groups.

One of these variations on a group – Master Mind groups.
If the idea of meeting a few people once a week feels daunting to you, there are all kinds masterminds, they come in all shapes and sizes. Do your research on Facebook search.

Pro Blogger

I can tell you that, from my personal experience, there is nothing more transformational than getting together with a group of other entrepreneurs, on a regular basis, discussing what works for your business and what doesn’t. The regular meetings also create great friendships.  When you show that you care and are not just interested in “what’s in it for me” people can tell that and you do make good friends in a community.

Groups In General To Avoid

There are good groups that help their members and are generally helpful. However, there are also the terrible groups, plain spammy types of groups. You know the ones, all they are, are linkfests.

People join a Facebook group… they join many groups.Why because they want help. Finding someone to trust. KLT factor.

And they get SO EXCITED about their opportunity they’ve just joined and they think that they need to tell everybody “look at what I’m promoting!”………

Everyone screaming “buy my product,” with an outbound link. Some use bots that will post to hundreds of groups. They just don’t get it! The Group owners or admin seem to have disappeared because they don’t want to look at that either. It can take over a group quickly if the admins don’t stop it. Having a Facebook post group that is successful is work.

Google does not like this at all! You should not be putting outbound links in a group. Period. No one gets anything from them. Make an effort to know the people in the group.

Middle Types of Groups

In the middle are the groups that are just well… ok or good. They may have a lot of people signed up to their group, but are they engaged with the members? Is there a real sense of community? No it’s not.

Note: Manually share your posts to Facebook, instead of using a scheduler because Facebook penalizes anything that comes from places such as CoSchedule, Buffer, or Hootsuite so it’s less likely your followers will see it..

Or I have seen that it really does not make a difference.  I use MissingLettr and no problem at all, I also use Lumen5 videos. Free to use.

Well Established  Groups

If you ask the right questions, you might find that many of the community members are struggling and they need your help. Someone they can trust to help them. You find something that you may have in common which is always pretty great, just talk to them as you would any friend offline.

Create Your Own  Group

Marketing for WomenUsing another social media platform is a great idea because of everything that Facebook offers in the way of excellent communication. If you direct people from Instagram to a group on Facebook you are able to get to know them in your group much more than you could on Instagram.

A really exceptional group might have the desire to succeed, this doesn’t end when money of any amount is obtained.  Growing your desire to succeed, to better your life. It could be the opening for an incredible lifestyle, with spiritual and personal growth. Build your community, step up and stand out.

When you have a Facebook group you are removing the barriers. Rather than someone opting in with their precious email addresses (we all have way too many emails)! With a group – They just click to join. It’s  faster and far easier.

You get to know them personally and they are much more likely to join your business than just someone in their email box that they don’t know. It’s so much more personal.

In your group, you can add files, interesting things from blogs, sections or pages and you are able to contact them.  A real community. It starts slowly, one person at a time.

People will comment and build you up. Those who don’t like it just vanish. As it grows, so do you and your knowledge. So, your goal is ALWAYS going to be the same …you want to build: K LT (know like and trust) with your members. If you are sincere and genuine, this will happen very naturally. Once that happens, your members will become more active in your community and maybe, just maybe…they will also want to work with you outside of your community. They may join your business or buy your products or your services… People buy from people they know, like and trust.

I have been lucky enough to find some really great groups on Facebook.

First I started with:

Gavin Montford’s group “Networking Superstars” a marketing teaching type of group. The people I met there ended up having their own groups that are now very successful.

The PAC or”Power Affiliate Club” for bloggers and affiliate marketers. PAC had different types of groups. A Mastermind group and several others on blogging and affiliate marketing. I was happy to be the welcome coordinator at PAC.  (going into  4 years) Headed  by Lesly Federici. / No longer online.

Each group is unique and very specialized in helping it’s members success online. They  became my  good friends and colleagues and I am so very grateful for having met them.

So, I encourage you to start a Facebook group today and post Facebook posts that reach out to people and you will be happy that you did. Successful groups show that this is the way to succeed.

My Facebook Group for Women in Business. ARCHIVED at the moment as I work on my site for now.  If you are interested in joining my group when I start it up again, I would be happy to add your name to my wait list. Facebook messenger  profile page   facebook.com/kathrynmaclean476

 Kathryn Maclean Face book page  https://www.facebook.com/kathrynrmaclean/

About Kathryn Maclean-Racicot  http://www.facebook.com/marketingofflineonline
A Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

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  1. Hi Kathryn ,
    these days I have the feeling are too many Facebook groups .
    I am in many and I have some as well. It needs the right people
    coming together many groups I see are useless. It is a good idea
    if there are people who have the time to build a mastermind and
    have the same interest. It needs also a good leader and interaction
    like our PAC group ,Lesly is doing a great job.
    Thank you for good suggestions

    1. Hi Erika,
      There are many many groups on Facebook, that is true. You are always so helpful to others Erika, I would think that any groups
      that you have would be so helpful. You are right when you say that a good group needs a good leader who sparks interaction in
      the group. PAC and Lesly are an excellent example of a great group.
      Thank you for your good comments.

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    Good advice, for sure.

    FB groups and masterminds can be wonderful… but they must be engaging and sincere and as you suggest, they’re not the easiest to find. Most of them tend to look like link farms.

    I started a closed FB group for buyers of my info products and coaching clients, but people just don’t go there. I think it’s seen as just one more big commitment, which it is if you’re doing it right.

    I had much more interaction on my Skype group, and I think that’s because people can contact me one on one there, and I talk to them personally, not in front of a group of people.

    I’m thinking of starting a LinkedIn group, but that’s something to research a bit 🙂


    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your comments about Facebook Groups.
      Groups can take all kinds of different shapes. More of a helpful community like PAC or a group that is a community for an MLM.
      Any type that you can think of. It’s what you want to make of it. The involvement and engagement is very hard work.
      The fact that you prefer a one on one engagement with skype groups and possibly LinkedIn groups is personal to you.
      It would not suit me at all.

  3. Hi Kathryn,
    Having your own group does a few things that are fantastic for building skills and personal growth. It builds confidence, gives you practice in communicating and engaging with others, develops planning skills, makes you think (lol), attracts your own audience, you make the decisions with input from others, you learn from your members, you become more knowledgeable because you want to enlighten and contribute in a positive way to your members .. the list goes on .. it’s such a great experience. So, I’m very glad to know you created your own group on Facebook, you’ll reap the benefits 🙂

    1. Hi Lesly,
      Thanks for your comments on my article Start a Facebook Group. You are correct of course, when you have your own group you are seen as the authority, which builds your confidence in engaging with others as well as helping to practice your planning skills. Attracting your own audience is mainly why I thought now was a good time to start my group. I can hear you saying – “there is no good time to start a group.”
      Any time is a good time. Contributing in a positive way to members has no season. Building my group slowly as I gain experience.

  4. Hi Mandy,
    Yes you are right, motivated groups with lots of interaction can work, and work well.
    Groups depend on interaction and engagement. If no one engages then it’s not an active group.
    I am finding that is hard to start a group, I had to take some personal time off and of course
    nothing happened in the group. Now I want to get back to my group Women in Business and get it
    going again. I liked your remark about having an angle that is different to others.
    Thanks for your comments.

  5. Hi Ravi,
    Facebook is the leading social networking site.
    A Facebook Group has so many more advantages over a Facebook Fan or Business page these days.
    Thanks for your comments.

  6. Hi Ikechi,
    Excellent remark “One thing is clear, that communities have a great way of impacting it’s members”
    Very true, a great group is one that the members love and appreciate, such as PAC.

    Thanks for your comments

  7. Good timing Kathryn because I’ve been toying with giving this another try. I set up a group at the first of this year as part of a course I was running – it was meant to be available only during the course run, though I kept it open for a couple of weeks afterward. I had a similar experience to Donna’s in that a small percentage of the course participants made it to the Facebook group, but on the plus side, those that did were pretty active. I suppose that’s why I’m considering it again, but I agree it is a big commitment. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. 🙂

    1. Hi Marquita,
      I have set up my first group on Facebook. Lesly thought it a fantastic idea. I agree with her. I have written quite a few articles now about having a Facebook group so no time like the present. It’s called the WIB Women in Business as this is my target group for my website. Only allowing the best to join, so that of course would include you. Thanks for your comments.

  8. Thanks for this post Kathryn. I was just reviewing the stats for my fan page and was wondering why a similar post was getting higher views and engagement than others. Then I realized the only difference was the post that was manually entered FB allowed more people to see.

    1. Hi Lydia,
      So you are saying that similar posts but higher engagement on one post?
      Facebook allowed more people to see it because it was not entered by a bot?
      Manually is best on Facebook. True. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for you comments. What a great idea! Having a group with complimentary skills.
    Yes we do love PAC.

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