The Road Not Taken


The Path not taken

The road less traveled brings innovation – (something original and more effective) – Wikipedia

The Road Not Taken
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost


Direction in Life

The path I took led from a love of drawing and painting in art in high school. I  enrolled in a very prestigious commercial Art course that I had to apply to attend by showing my portfolio of artwork. I really loved it, as it was such a change from the secretarial course I started out with in grade 9.

Unfortunately, I never was able to finish the 4 years. I was very ill and had to leave school.  I later went back to school as an adult but it was not the art course I loved, only plain academics.

From there I ended up taking secretarial jobs for agencies, working all over town. It was a job, and it paid the bills, but it was not the path I had chosen for myself. I had a new computer and thought I could find a job online. I only found work as a transcriptionist after taking college courses for medical transcription. Another path I wished I had not taken.

My husband had started a business and I agreed to help him with it. We owned and operated a  Property Management business and I worked with him for 10 yrs. Currently, I am working part-time with this business.

I still had not found my path in life. I decided to take a different direction. The road less traveled…

The path that I have chosen was perhaps not one that most would have chosen.  Rather than a safe job with a guaranteed pay cheque, I chose to invest in myself and I  learned something new. This has made all the difference to me.  How will my life grow article

I started taking lessons about marketing. This was something I loved, so I learned all that I could for several years, taking many online courses about creating websites,  social media platforms. One at a time until I had a real understanding of each platform. I invested in a 4-month course on social media with a very well known marketer. I graduated with a certificate of  Social Media Campaign Specialist.  Instagram article 

Web Design

I  had learned marketing over many years,  I started a website and called it  Marketing Offline Online. I  created websites, several for myself and I started doing them for family members, three wedding sites and a business site for my brother’s gas station business and then for some clients. Marketing Definition article


Blogging Community

I joined a blogging community to learn all that I could about blogging. After getting to know the owner Lesly Federici, she asked if I would like to join PAC as an admin. It will be a year in Aug that I have been the welcome lady and a coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club, with three other admins. (Update – going into 4th year in 2018)

The Future

I am taking another road less traveled, a new direction soon, and will be working with a business coach to make my brands irresistible, profitable & simple to run. I will get help with building my social media, marketing, business growth and digital strategy. This will give me confidence, so I’m not just successful, but authentic. I will be able to measure my business success path.

Taking the road not taken is perhaps not for everyone, but it is your own path that includes new discoveries along the way.that makes all the difference.  It is the only way to be certain you took “the road less traveled, and it will make all the difference.”


About Kathryn Maclean
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +. Affiliate Network Marketing using resources such as PAC Power Affiliate Club – PAC Welcome Coordinator.



  1. Hi Kathryn.
    Sometimes finding your own path can take a few detours. The important thing is you found your calling and you’re happy with what you do. Well done!

  2. Hi Kathryn,

    Seems like we are on very similar roads! From properties to marketing. I too am with an amazing mentor for the past two months polishing up my marketing and products. What fun. I love learning and producing…I don’t think I’ll ever stop until I drop.


    • kathrynruth says

      Hi Donna,
      I am looking forward to polishing up my marketing and creating products with a mentor very soon.
      You and I love learning new things. I intend to be working at my computer as long as I possibly can.
      Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. You are wise to learn how to take your business to the next level, Kathryn. You’ve already learned and developed great skills, and those know you are already aware of your authenticity and helpfulness. In today’s competitive online world that’s not enough is it? We must learn how to get our message out to a wide audience.

    • kathrynruth says

      In today’s competitive world it’s not enough I agree that is why I am uping my game with
      finding a coach who has been there done that and can show me what I don’t know.
      I want to get my message out to a wider audience.
      Thanks for your comments

  4. kathrynruth says

    Yes one of mine too.I included it because it talks of a road that not everyone would choose. I think
    it also speaks of regret, the road not taken. We never know what path in life will take us where we
    truly want to go. All we can do is try our best to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. This
    takes courage and belief in one’s self that we can do it. I want to go as far as I can with my
    goals and I know that you do too Lesly. PAC contributes a lot and I hope that I have given back
    as much as I have received there. Allways learning. Even with my new business and coach I want to be
    a part of this wonderful group of people.

  5. kathrynruth says

    It is indeed worthwhile Deborah,
    Life’s journeys are up and down, good and bad experiences. I am all for the bumpy ride.
    Enjoy the day. I know you do with your wonderful photographs.
    Thanks for your comments.

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