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Productivity to rapidly launch your digital product with all the steps needed.  

       I have a case study for you ....

If you are looking to do do a launch for your business, follow this is step - by - step system with a very unusual case study on creating a successful course for solopreneurs...by a Pro marketer, the co-creator of Thrive Themes a hugely successful marketing business team from Switzerland.

Thrive Themes

Shane's Productivity Course that I have  followed recently. I am sure you will be interested when you hear what he did! If after downloading the videos and emails he used for launching  his course, you would like some help with setting up a product launch of your own let me know on my contact page. This is what I am doing too!

This is a productivity course that Shane, created  recently  to keep  distractions and procastination at bay for a solopreneur product launch  (and he did all the work). All the steps he took, all on his own not with the help of his huge company. He built all the content below without help from anyone else.  

3 Videos Plus a Youtube livestream to answer questions about the online course product launch. And a  step by step email campaign ( note * over 500 comments on the video in series)

Product Launch Map visualized

  • write and publish every email and blog post
  • Sales page
  • online course lessons 
  • shot videos

I listened to his first video and took notes. I then found out he has provided all the notes and a better looking strategy map than I drew up below.

  • What pieces of content you need to create
  • Where each piece fits inside your launch sequence
  • Email templates for each email you will create

How to use a simple email automation to launch your product fast

productivity course
Priority webinar

Rapid Implementation Product Launch

 This is a link below to get the download and all the videos.

Best of luck with your launch.

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