Types of Business Re-Branding

Business re-branding? Do you want more of the right people benefiting from your content?

How to do so? Perhaps a re-brand is in order?


Do your unique strengths stand out in your present website/blog?  Does your copy need tweaking? Does the welcome page state quickly what the site is about? I am re-branding my site at the moment.


    •  I am changing my site to an image with flowers (target market is women) and the text: Marketing Offline Online Businesses
    •  Connecting your business to the net with effective brand strategy creation 



If you have a strong brand your business will grow faster. So do you even know what makes up a strong brand?

Haute Choclate

Image – Haute Choclate

Your Branding

I would say that it is the overall identity of your business, which includes how it makes people feel as well as the usual logo, fonts, colours and theme. When your brand stands out you can charge premium prices. This helps to eliminate the competition. I wrote another article about this….

For more on furthering your business brand

3 Strategies to Follow

  1. Ideal Client
  2. Surveys
  3. Be Exceptional

Your Ideal Client

What is your vibration or feeling that your message gives? Are you attracting the wrong people?

If you find that the people you attract are only interested in something for free, they would not be your ideal client, would they? Are you putting out a product to sell them? You should know your dream customer better than your competitors do. Attract who you want to serve.

  1. Demographics, age, income, family etc
  2. Her wants, passions, and interests
  3. Where do these ladies hang out?

I have 2 different types of avatars

One is the new person to blogging and the other is the people who have started their business and need help with direction, strategies, and systems.

Have your avatar in mind when you create your content. Ask yourself  -will they love this content? The more you craft your content, be it free or paid,  make it something that they will like. Your money will be made by your services and products accordingly.

Business Re-branding


Surveys (Survey monkey is a free service)

  • Ask questions in Facebook groups
  • In your own Facebook group
  • Online forums

Clients who are just like you. You know what you want so someone like you will like similar things.

Make the survey questions short. No one wants to answer 10 questions, especially if they don’t know you. Only 1 – 3 questions is a perfect limit. You can also use them in your email list. Use a subject line  like: 3 quick questions to help me give you better content on blogging

  1. What freebies would you like?
  2. Ask what is your biggest struggle with blogging?
  3. How would you describe your situation in your business right now?

Be Exceptional at What You Do

There are going to be people who just don’t get you. They don’t like your style or your content doesn’t resonate with them. Focus on your strengths. What are you good at? Become exceptional at that!

There are going to be people who just don’t get you. They don’t like your style or your content doesn’t resonate with them. Focus on your strengths. What are you good at? Become exceptional at that!

I love  Steve Martin’s quote ” Be so good they can’t ignore you”

Leverage, what makes you different?

I got a lovely compliment from a client the other day. She said “thanks for listening to me rattle on”. I said – I think a coach should have that skill, listening intently.  I clearly communicated that I think It’s super important to understand where your client is coming from. You want to attract people who truly resonate with you. People who trust you to guide them and get results that they have asked for.  Showing your expertise in the area that they are interested in builds that know like and trust factor.

It has taken me many years of trial and error in my businesses offline and online to learn marketing. Many many courses that I have paid for.  If it was easy everyone would be a ” business entrepreneur” but the rewards are so worth it. I enjoy helping people succeed. It was my main objective when I started over 10 years ago to have women earn a living on the internet for their families.

If you would like a 15 min free chat about what I can help you with concerning your business please go to my about me page and book a time. Looking forward to meeting you.


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