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Virtual Assistant

Think about this. If you hire a professional - who would you have more confidence in? Someone who's random and willy-nilly? Or someone who takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through their process?

Basically, I 'll be helping small business owners with a variety of subjects.

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            As a virtual assistant all the work I do,  I will partner with you and it will be done remotely. It actually works out great  for the small business owner too, as you don't have to pay for an office location, supplies, my taxes or any healthcare. I am an independent contractor.

I specifically want to reach out to you because:

 (1) I know you own a small business and I was wondering if there is anything in your business that you have ever  thought of outsourching?

 (2) Are there areas in your business that you either don't have time for, or you really don't like to do, that are not getting done? If so let's chat...

VA Services

What You’ll Get During  Your Free Service 

Strategy Call...

Before the strategy call, I ask a few questions on the form that I use to book the call. From your answers I have a general idea about where you are at in your business. I can then put together some  information for you that you will find valuable. It won’t just be a sales pitch. I  want you to understand that this is not a waste of  your time or mine.

What I'll Do Before the Call

Part of the job before hopping on the call from your answers (eg. looking at your website, analyzing your brand, checking your social media engagement,  and more…)

What Happens During the Call

What’s going to happen during the call? The call will be on Zoom, I send you a link 15 mins before. You will have the benefit of my experience about your business. I was a business owner for 10 yrs+ a marketer and blogger for 5 years.

What Changes After the Call

I send you a pdf about what we talked about.Ideally I want you  to have a clear tangible result after having the call, so it helps  you to move your business  forward. I do not have a sales pitch at the end.

Kathryn Maclean

In this section,  I  want to show my expertise.  I am great at secretarial work, I worked over 5 years as a temp for agencies. I had my own offline business for over 10 years. Now working with marketing that I learned over that 10 years with my own business. I excel at working online with a community, I worked for a blogging community as the welcome lady or welcome coordinator for almost 4 years.

See my services page and about page for more information.

Why I Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

The call will be of benefit to us both. You will get someone else's view of your business. I can recommend tools or tips that I have learned over more than 10 years online as a business owner. I'll give you some recommendations after the call in a pdf, (written form).  At the end of the call (or shortly after)  I would ask what you thought about the call and if I you can quote you . I would ask for your testimonial about the call, as I am trying this new venture as a Virtual Assistant.…rather than a blogger or marketer that I have worked as.

Kathryn R Maclean

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve [Your Business]!

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