Websites with Great Design Developers for Your Business

As you well may know, creating websites can be nothing short of intimidating.

It can take a few weeks for even a few months to get it done right. Learning all about how to build great websites can take years, as it was in my case.

Over the years I have learned quite a lot about creating websites. I learned all on my own, taking many courses and can put together almost any type of site or blog.  Here are some Experts that I follow in the field of Website Design and Developers to give you some ideas on what you can do yourself or have me help you out.

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Liz Azyan of Digital Matchbox and Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech Wednesday Webinars which I feature every week in my Facebook Group Women online in business  

Liz Azyan


Liz was the designer and developer of Steve’s websites for Dotto Tech. From that webinar, I learned quite a lot…

What you should know and prepare before starting your new website or website redesign project 


  • Learn how to map your websites –  key pages for your website
  • What elements make a good homepage
  • Critical website pages you need to include

They covered analytics, design considerations, content tips and making your site search friendly.

Discover how to eliminate any leaks on your websites –

Useful tools you can use for your websites
Get insider tips on how to choose a website design and development company that is the best fit for your business.

Liz had an excellent product deal that she offered with a big discount to Dotto Tech Patreons, of which I am one.  I bought it. I think she is one of the most qualified designers and developer I have found online.

Web Content Summary Checklist










The product  –the Complete Guide to Creating Your Client Attracting Website and the Bonus of a checklist  – Website Content Summary.  A checklist to help you prepare your website content. Great info for designers of websites.

Complete Guide to Creating Youre Client Attracting Website

Click pic to see Coupon code.

    Liz is a Post Graduate research student. Google Fellowship Award for her work and initiative in technology and social entrepreneurship area.

UK newspaper panel expert. Mentioned in publications such as Huffington Post and Computer Weekly.

If my blogging community would like to talk to Liz about any specific topic, please feel free to fill in her survey so she can cover them in a new series for Steve’s Youtube teaching of how she does things.


Allison Marshall  of Wonderlass

Allison Marshall


“That life is too damn short to spend endless hours working a job that leaves you feeling like an empty shell.

Life should be largely FULFILLING and FUN!!! ”

From this, you can tell she is a fun marketer to the extreme! But she has been in the business many years and knows what works. I have purchased many of her courses and ebooks. Rather a different type marketer, she is uniquely herself. I love her spirit. Her Facebook Page .

~ Allison Marshall Her New About Page  


Meera Kothand

Meera is just wonderful at email marketing, and you can tell from her domain page to her blog page.

Meera Kothand

Meera helps bloggers and solopreneurs create authentic blogs and businesses.
Simplifying digital marketing with thorough step by step action plans and her bite-sized strategies.

Her Facebook page Simplifying Email and Marketing for Solopreneurs & Bloggers

Very strong branding techniques. She just makes things easy to understand. I am an affiliate for her planner Create on Amazon. Going thru it in the new year for my business.

Her Freebies: Are you struggling with your email list?
No idea what to send your list or where to start? Her Free Email Lists for Newbies.

Is overthinking stopping you from launching your blog? Discouraged and feeling like
you’re not getting anywhere?  Her Free Blog Start Simplified mini-course.

I recommend her eBooks and Books on Amazon. I have purchased a few of them. They are excellent content.

Cathy Topping

Cathy is an online course marketer “a recovering corporate designer, who has been carving her own path for 5 years now (and counting.. “.I plan to NEVER have a ‘real’ job again “). – Cathy Topping.

Over on her website, Web Toolkit she creates resources to help you take control of your online business – whether that’s showing you how to build a website, build your email list, sharing tools, tips, and strategies that I use to keep growing my business and brand.

Her Facebook group  Your Web Toolkit Community

Cathy Topping
Cathy gives away a good amount of freebies like her build  WordPress websites in a day. I recommend it, I couldn’t do a better job.

Her One Hour Website webinar on her site using the Divi theme. She demystifies WordPress. Her blog on all topics about marketing. Very great Pinterest guides. Various courses some of which I have purchased. – How to get 1000 subscribers in 90 days was one. She also has email courses on building  WordPress websites. Free!

If you would like me to refer you to Cathy just let me know.  I am an affiliate of her Website Creating Business. She has shared my articles to her social media in which  I have mentioned her. She has a few spots open for the year, she told me. We would love to be of help with your Websites or Blogs.

P.S. Cathy has a new product coming out “The Website Playbook”. Excited about this, she has had in the works for 2 years.


My design and developers that I recommend would be of great help to you. If you would like to chat about what would be best for your business, I do offer a free 15 min chat to see how I might be able to help you or recommend one of my friends in this article. See my contact page.  Happy to discuss what you should know before starting new websites or website redesign projects.

If you would like more info on websites, design or website development I am adding this opt-in.

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