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Are you needing some help:
  •  setting up/ sorting  your email list
  •  social media site marketing
  •  or developing a content marketing strategy? 
I can create a special package just for you.
The steps to contact me are....  

asy Steps to work with Kathryn...
Step #1 
You have already done! You
contacted me. Great!

Step #2 I send you my onboarding page,
explaining how onboarding works. Key info that a client should know before working with me.

In the same email I ask if you would like to set up a free 15 min consult to get to know each other.

Step #3  The free consultation: In person if local, at a coffee shop or online using  Zoom software. To see if we are a good match to work together.

Step #4   I send the quote attached to the email from my invoicing system WAVE.APP along with the contract, within 24 hours of the consult. A client  needs to sign the contract and pay a deposit to book their spot in my schedule.

- I usually request a 30% deposit upfront and 35% is due on the start date of the project with the other 35% due on the projects completion ( before I hand over the final files.)

Step #5 Send the client the welcome page which tells the client what I need from them before the project begins, along with any other useful info the client needs to know about the project process.  

That's it we are in business together!

If you sign up below for the SELF Biz Journal.

Look out for the onboarding email  soon.

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I Offer a variety of content management, social media strategy and marketing services.

Learn more about what I offer and how I can help. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT WORK.
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M.0.0. or Marketing Offline-Online started as a  project for entrepreneurs, Kathryn Maclean & Carl Racicot, who were on a journey to create a life that they loved, through building their respective businesses and being able to quit their day jobs. We learned how to run a successful business offline by marketing it online.

​Too often we experienced the sinking feeling of finishing a day and feeling unclear about​ our accomplishments and if they were really moving the needle forward on anything. So we created M00 and the Self Biz Journal to create everyday tools for people to lead a business and a  life they can be proud of. 

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10 Exciting  Pro Blogger Tips for Social Media Marketing   ​

Above is one of our hottest blog posts. ​ Kathryn is a social media marketing campaign manager.

That's why we created the SELF Biz Journal. It helps you quadruple your output, deeply connect with your goals. Believe that you can smash it, so you can achieve BIG things! ​! Want  in?  Download it below.

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