What is the Gig Economy & why it should matter to you?

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Gig Economy

 The Story of the Gig Economy

What is the Gig Economy?
It's many things to many people. It consists

of services that present a  new departure

of the traditionally employed worker to

individuals who can provide their services

and skills. This is allowing a new type of

business -  in which  people become


According to Statistics Canada household

debt is at an all time high. Combine that

fact with stagnating wages plus the cost of 

living, the gig economy makes sense to

individuals looking to supplement their


Randstad Canada estimated 20-30% of the

Canadian workforce are made up of non

-traditional workers. 

It is expected that this type of work will

become more accepted in the future.

Consulting firm McKinsey estimates that

up to 162 million people in the U.S. and

EU currently engage in independent work.

Forbes suggest that 50% of the U.S.

workforce will be freelancers by 2020. The

gig economy is growing dramatically,


VA Services

Gig Economy Any short term freelance
work! If you have the time & skills,
the gig economy will definitely work
for you.Whether you are great at dog
walking, cleaning or a financial
advisor. In person or online -
it's  all up to you! ​

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What sort of work are we talking about?

Another article on the subject

of your own business here.

The Problem:

"I'm going to be honest with you all; The

one skill I appreciate most with my VA

(who is now on leave which is giving me

all types of sad feelings lol) is that she

makes my job easier.

The hardest part about hiring someone is

that you have to train them, trust them,

and teach them how to make your life


If there was a VA that could make

onboarding so easy that all we needed was

a two or three-hour training - ie they know

all the questions to ask, they suggest ways

to take work OFF my plate, that would be a

 golden VA."

- My friend Cathy Topping  Websitetoolkit

The Solution:

 regularly shows that the millennial

generation (who are more numerous

than any generation since the soon to  

retire Baby Boomers) are actively

looking to work differently  and are

increasingly drawn to the type of

careers the gig economy offers.​

I have joined the Gig Economy
with  My New  Gig Offers as a VA.

There are  many synonyms of ‘Virtual
Assistant’ that I could use, such as:
‘Business Support Professional’, ‘Executive Assistant’,
‘Freelance Business Support’ or
a title that reflects my specialism, such as:
‘Social Media Creation Specialist.’

Virtual Assistant
social media certification



10 hrs /mth

A 30 min planning session



15 hrs /mth

2 - 30 min planning sessions



25 hrs/mth

2 - 30 min planning sessions per week

Are you struggling with creating content

and keeping up your consistency with

Instagram or Facebook? It may be time to

outsource. I offer social media management

and blogging packages. I am taking on two

more clients now.

Let’s schedule a discovery call and see if

we’re a good fit!


  1. The work field is changing for sure. More folks are starting to work for themselves and why not! Right? Informative post, thanks

    • Hi Lesly,
      Yes, you and I know that working at home is a great idea. More and more people are finding out just how to go about working online to supplement or replace their income. Thanks for your comments

  2. This is what I saw coming when I started IM, many can work from home. Less stressful and good for young and old 🙂 Interesting to read about the independent workers in the US, Europe, and Canada. I think there will be more in the future.
    Thank you for the information, all the best for your Gig

    • Hi Erika,
      Many reasons to work from home. I found it interesting to find out about independent workers in Canada, the US and Europe as well. It really is the way of the future working as the Gig economy. Thanks for your comments

  3. The sheer volume of entrepreneurs is also (I believe) at an all time high. One thing that I think is pretty amazing is that millennials do not feel confined to just one path.

    • Hi Elise,
      This is the time of the entrepreneur and the solopreneur as well. Not just for millennials, really any age group. One of the fastest growth of solopreneurs is in the grey zone. People who have just retired and want to explore the net. The Gig Economy is wide open to all who wish to explore and make an income.

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