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Let’s see if your website is promoting you & your business or do you need a new website?

Some of these links are my affiliate links, you are not charged any more for these. I only promote what I use and love.  I am changing my website to reflect what I offer to my target audience, women in business or women entrepreneurs.

Do you have a website currently?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think maybe yes  -you might need a new blog or website, or just a re-do?

-You have a particular affinity for your site, after all, you designed it and for most small business owners, or  entrepreneurs,  you picked all the elements that went into creating it. So admitting  to yourself that it needs a major overhaul may be difficult to come to terms with.

I hear you, I design sites for others and still, I ask myself if my ( I have 2 websites- could they be better?) It doesn’t make sense to spread yourself so thin, trying to run more than one or two sites, I know this but as this is my business I really work at it. You shouldn’t have to.

Kathryn Ruth Maclean

Here are some items to look over to help you decide….

Let’s talk about small business for a moment.

  • Are you branding your marketing to YOU  and not to your business? You really should be!
  • Do you brand through your logo, -do you add your logo on all your own images? You should do so.
  • Do you participate in events locally, use newspapers,  or radio? The old expensive way of marketing.

Branding (<former article) is more than just the visual, it’s how you represent your company or business.

Entreprenurship for Women

It’s the core function, – your message that you put out into the world. Today it’s your “message that is your brand.”

The visual representation of your brand such as a logo just reinforces your brand, it is not your brand per se.

When someone sees your website or your: landing page/squeeze page, blog article, social media post or whatever, it should give them the feeling that you  can help solve their problem or help with a need that they have.

Your message defines you, as what it is  that people are searching for.

In the offline world, you identify with a person when you ask them –  so “What do you do?”

In the online world -Messaging and branding are about building in the mind of each prospect:

-how you can make a difference for them because they have related to you online.

It is your message that attracts people to you!

entrepreneur party

Here is the process that clients go through…
What specific problems are you looking to solve?

What is your major objective? – money – traffic – exposure. Only work on one of these at a time.

  • How is your product or service a solution – what outcome is perceived?
  • Is your website responsive? People want a seamless optimized experience today on all devices.

Do you feature a clear call-to-action above the fold? Don’t make them look because they won’t.

So  -Do you need a website?

Answer these questions

  1. Are your social profiles easily accessible? Y / N
  2. Is your content easily shareable? Y/N
  3. Do you share content about your business? Y/N
  4. Are you building an email list? Y/N

If you went through these questions and answered -No to the majority, it might be time to start considering a website re-design or get a new website launched, or have a look at your business model.

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Women Entrepreneurs

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The web moves at lightening speed, it can be hard to keep up. What works today may not tomorrow. Changes are always a good idea.

If you are interested in Women Entrepreneurship and would like to discuss the development of a new website or would like to know more about building a new site yourself, Feel free to contact me today. See the “contact page” to book a FREE 20 min chat.


About Kathryn R. Maclean -NEW SITE https://kathrynruthmaclean.net
A certified Social Media Campaign Specialist using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.



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    1. Hi Elise,
      Yes indeed I do know about you and your redesigns. Want to buy some expensive images that I have seen on Haute Cholate but may have to wait on that. Thanks for commenting.

  1. It’s an interesting question you started off with. I think most of us initially set up with what we like, what we want, what we decide is good for our business. It’s only after a time that we tie down how well that markets us to our audience and how we must change to reflect our customers’ needs. Good questions and good post.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Hi Mandy,
      With age comes wisdom, or knowledge about what our customers need comes with experience. Changing to reflect our customer’s needs and not what we think they want is key. Very perceptive of you! Thanks for your comments.

  2. Great topic. I know so many fellow bloggers going through various levels of changes to their blogs this summer. I’m updating all of my books from the inside out and plan to make a few changes to my blog before fall. Must be something in the air. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Marquita,
      I don’t think it’s something in the air. lol I just think that updating your books and changing your blog are a result of growth in your ability to write and create. I often re-write article because I can write them much better now than when I first wrote them. I like begin an “inspiration”! Thanks for your comments.

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    I do brand me. The same picture that is on my blog is on every social media site. Of course it is also on my emails and just about anything shared.

    I love your niche -Women in Business – because you have fine tuned a group of people and when it comes to images (these days it is so important) you can make them feminine. It all flows nicely.


    1. Hi Donna,
      Yes I see you everywhere! Thanks for your comments on Women Entrepreneurship. I added two Pinterest images, later on, don’t know if you saw those. I do love feminine images they go with my brand obviously, men are not interested in pink and flowers.Thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Sonal,
      I thought you would like the topic, lol. I do love Haute Choclate, and Wonderfelle images and Creative Market. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hello Kathryn! You sure have asked a lot of great questions here in this post today my friend! They really got me thinking about how my Blog looks. Of course I do brand me, and yes my picture is everywhere, but sometimes I do wonder about my message..

    I am looking forward to seeing how you transform your blog!!

    Great Share!
    Thank You
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,
      Yes, you do brand you. Love the pics with your grandkids. Doesn’t hurt to think about what your message is, anytime.
      Stay tuned to see my changes. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Success is not just for men. There are several women who are also killing it. if someone is a great influence, they can encourage others. Great stuff, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Hi Saurabh,
      Thank you for your comments on Women Entrepreneurship. Although my target audience is women, I encourage men to read as well.
      You are right there are many women who are killing it, and some from your country of India. I have listed all the women bloggers that I could find in PAC. Apologies if I missed someone.
      Shubhanshi Aggarwal, Shiwangi Shrivastava, Sonal Talwar, Nirmala Santhakumar, Bindu Cherungath, Sonam Asrani.

  6. Hi Kathryn

    Your blog looks so cool and i love this topic . I have been thinking about my blog too and following your guide has given me some insight.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care

    1. Hi Ikechi,
      Nice to read you here again in my blog. Thanks for the compliments too. I am happy that I have been able to give you some insight.

  7. Branding based on you is a biggie Kathryn. I am huge on adding me to my brand because it humanizes Blogging From Paradise and helps me stand out in the blogging tips niche. If your brand feels human, it feels more familiar, more comfortable. Loving these tips.

    1. Hey Ryan!
      I commented on two of your posts and so now I see you commenting on one of mine. That’s the way that commenting should work!
      I will try adding me to more of my posts Ryan thanks for the great comment! Can’t wait to read your free series that I just
      signed up for! Thanks for your comments!

  8. Hi,
    I like the theme of your website.
    And thanks for sharing the ultimate list of the themes. They look beautiful. Sometimes change is required for a good cause.

    All the best for your future endeavors.


    1. Hi Subhanshi,
      Nice to see you visiting my site. Glad you like the theme. I display many types of themes, I wish I could have many sites so I could use some of them. Thanks for your comments

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