Your Content Marketing Strategy for Awesome SEO Traffic

 Is your SEO content marketing

 strategy hurting your traffic growth?

 Are you not seeing your greatest potential?

Do you find this to be an issue? - SEO is  time

 consuming and you want to spend more

 time on your business?​ Yes and NO!

 "Most website owners are actually

clueless regarding SEO content. It's only a

small proportion  of websites that are truly

 optimized.​" -  Shane Melaugh. 


If you are not familiar with Thrive Themes

 they are a group of marketers from

(Winterthur in Switzerland). Shane

 Melaugh is CEO. You can Google them for

 more. I have been using their many

 products for several years. This site is

primarily made with their work.

I am an affiliate for Thrive Themes you 

can visit their site.  


 Every busy entrepreneur needs to know

 about SEO  - The 80/20 Rule that 80% of the

 sales come from 20% of the customers.

 Pareto's Rule. 


Grow your Organic Traffic in a

10-day Sprint Course

 It’s called 20/80 SEO Sprint. The 10-Day

 SEO Program for Busy Entrepreneurs &

 it’s  designed to help you implement a

 content creation framework that will get

you 80% of  the organic traffic gains with

just 20% of the time and effort most SEO

experts invest.

 So if you want to learn how to identify,

target and win - highly specific and

 value-driven  keywords for your online

 business — repeatedly and as efficiently

 as possible — you  definitely need to

 check out the SEO Sprint info 

Problem 1:

​"Most keyword research tools are garbage in  garbage out. They work on flawed or made up data which actually provides nothing resembling useful keyword insights. Most keyword research tools are smoke and mirrors and graphs.

Also its important to note that we are not taking about the long tail keyword here.  The long tail was a theory of the early days of the internet which simply didn't pan out as predicted. Going for super low competition super long tail keywords is something I would consider an outdated SEO advice." - Shane Melaugh

The Solution:

​The 80/20 approach is going more for the middle ground  keywords where top rankings would just fall into your lap, but neither ones  are super competive.

Problem 2:

​Finding the small pond is basically about key word research and it's not a matter of stepping outside of your niche and picking the right battles from there. It's  a mistake  to go for the juiciest keywords, in term of search value. But it's equally a mistake to go for the very long end of the tail. Where you end up getting no traffic even if you get the top spot. The sweet spot is that in between keyword which you don't instantly rank for with any content price, but with which a good, well put together content price is actually worth ranking for.

The Solution:

​Doing your own SEO is the right approach for most small online businesses Outsourcing SEO altogether is only a viable option for mid sized businesses and up, because it always ends up being more expensive and more complicated than expected." 

Shane Lelaugh

"There are hundreds of things you can do in SEO but what are  the 20% of things that can get you 80% there?"

 Shane Melaugh  CEO of Thrive Themes

The  "80/20 SEO Sprint"

Shane has created a course about SEO

together with an expert in the field. It’s

called "SEO Sprint." It is an online program

designed for busy entrepreneurs, coaches,

& online info-product based businesses to

rapidly implement SEO strategies designed

 for their business model.

"It was after meeting some one specific that

 he got this insight to a 80/20 approach to  

 SEO. A more solopreneur,  single website 

 owner, friendly approach to getting more

 Google  traffic."

​ Shane is speaking Viola Eva. Her agency  

 does all kinds of markets ​. They talk about  

 what works for a single small business

 owner. What it takes to have highly

 rankable content.

80/20 Rule Framework

"Is it still feasible?  Yes! Now small business uses Free SEO Traffic.
Content with the right building links should be more precise than big sites would be. They don't want to rank for what we want to rank for.

A Blog course has no location. Narrow it down  to the  niche. Such as -a Keto diet for women  in menopause. ( very specific)

Two Changes in SEO Strategies

The use of synonyms (a word that means exactly or the same as another word.   ex - Rich - Wealthy) and variations.  No one will  link to short cheap content.

​It will be the best answer to that search quarry  that shows up in the SERPS. High relevance,  not just the long tail keyword.

Relevance to  what YOU offer. Quality  is the best answer.

Google pie chart

SEO gives you free, relevant and highly targeted traffic! Check out my SemRush image below to see yes I get most of my  traffic from Google.

SEO Sprint

Viola and Shane Q & A  

​ SEO  is the basis to provide the best answers on page one.
We want to understand  the search intent  of the person who want answers.
Think about the person what do they want? We want to provide the best answer for that search.  

For more information and answers several videos on SEO SPRINT

​Content Marketing


How small sites actually have a advantage over

big business is when it comes to SEO?

Viola mentioned the old way of doing SEO that

 is NOT working today.

Don't buy backlink packages. Consider the  

quality of the site of  backlink, no casino

 type backlinks. The overdone use of anchor

text is painful now. You should only optimise

1 or 10 anchor text. ​ Now just use generic words

 - such as ... here.

A big mistake  is thinking that you need to

write a new blog post all the time.​!!

THIS IS HUGE information for me.
Update an existing  blog post! It has already

ranked in Google. Change the date. If you have

another article that is close to something else,  

those two articles  are competing for attention

 with each other along with so many others.

Rankable Content

​ Use the meta description that gets attention.

Don't remove the main keyword! Update the

title with that key word in it. It's the keyword

 that you are already ranking for. If it's sitting

on page 2 Google thinks its interesting but not

 what similar posts are ranking for on page 1.

Build on what you have, like what is on page 1

 but better!

 1. Improve the meta description

 2. Look on page 1 so it matches, Long form,

better information etc

 3. Content type/word type? What do they talk


NO stuffing keywords, that is old SEO strategy.
Use Synonyms and closely related keywords rather than the same keyword over and over.

Google can now read  similar words.

After you change the date you  have to wait 2 - 3 weeks to end up on Google.
You can add ​Infographics, enrich the content with some images, she mentioned a study by  Brian Dean that more images is not the best idea.​

Videos in my Facebook link in signature.

SEO Sprint

SEO Basic Information for New

People to Search Engine  Optimization

What are the first things you should learn about when you start to optimize your blog for SEO?  "It is a machine or algorithm that looks for certain signals in order to rank the content appropriately. The ranking is the order that pages appear in a search engines's

results page (SERP) "

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization 

 - Shout me loud

The Basic Foundation of SEO is Keyword


"Also factors such as on-page optimization and writing SEO friendly content.

It is the right keywords that you focus on for  your SEO that are of optium importance to your  websites success as it ranks.

Ranking is the order that listings appear in a search engine's results page (SERP)

Best Keyword Research Tools: 2019 edition 

-Harsh Agrawal - Shout me loud

On The Thrive Themes University Blog

( Great info posts here)

​SEO If You Don't Want To Learn SEO

( for your site)
It is a good free option to review the search 
queries people use to find your website. The  overview page shows a summary of your  performance on Google Search.

Visit this page to see a summary of your most  important metrics and notifications, including  search performance, index coverage, & mobile usability metrics. 


Helps you perform day-to-day tasks, but also provides in-depth analysis that is very clear, can be easily incorporated into your digital marketing strategy and can significantly improve your performance. -Umit Yilmaz,

You can go the the SEMRush site and type in your website's address to see which keywords you are ranking for. Where your traffic is coming from & what percentage is on mobile.

 Free trial.

From the SEMRush Blog

EAT, YMYL, & Beneficial Purpose:

What Do Google's Quality Standards Mean for

Understanding Google’s Definition of Quality

 for Web Pages & Content.

SemiRush page

Try it - you will be impressed. I know I was.

SEO Quake / SemRush sits in

your menu bar,  is a free plugin for browsers

that provides you with key SEO metrics for a

specific page along with other useful tools

such as SEO Audit and many others.

You’re one click away from taking your SEO

to the next level.

SEOquake consists of several tools you can

use depending on which specific SEO

endeavors you’re pursuing. The SEO bar is

an additional toolbar located at the top of

the browser window, and it presents core

metrics – a number of which can be

customized. The SERP overlay is a bar that

appears below each SERP result. Once

enabled, it gives you detailed metrics

associated with each listing along with

another sidebar section that allows you to

 sort and export your results.

Also, you can get detailed reports for a

specific page you are analyzing.

SEOquake has other useful tools, including

the SEO Audit tool, the Keyword Density

 report, Internal/External Link analysis

and even social metrics.

SEOquake is really easy to

install and work with.

The SEOquake plugin is compatible with

 several browser extensions and is

constantly updated.

Get an SEO overview of any page

Discover your SERP competitors’ strengths

and weaknesses.

Discover any keyword’s difficulty level

Analyze a webpage’s external internal links

Get detailed information about your backlinks

and much more...

Use SEObar to get an instant summary of a

webpage’s or domain’s strength based on 26

different ranking parameters.

SEObar is customizable. Select the parameters

from the list or add your own parameters using

 API. Choose a vertical visualization if you run

out of room so you can see all data.

Wondering how strong your rivals in the SERP

battle are? Type any keyword you’re targeting

into the Google search bar. You’ll be provided

with immediate SERP analysis.

Page overview: key page metrics: Google rank,

domain age, number of backlinks and many

more.  Keyword difficulty: an estimation of

a keyword’s level of competition (100% is

the highest)   Disable the overlay: toggle this


For a deeper dive into SEOquake settings,

read the detailed guide. ​

Do you have the Yoast Plugin or the Rank

Math plugin to let Google know that your

blog exists and is submitting your website

for indexing? I used the Yoast Plugin for

years and have just uploaded the

Rank Math plugin  -very pleased with it!

Try it!

Check out the link below on

Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

SEO Sprint

The course is called "SEO Sprint,

 10-Day SEO Program for Busy Entrepreneurs"
​    The launch date is  October 9th, 7AM PST
  ​    The Cart Closes on Wed 16 Oct @ 23:59 PST

          ​SEO gives you Free, Relevant and Highly Targeted Traffic!

 Kathryn Maclean  

 Social Media Campaign Specialist 

Facebook, Twitter Pinterest  Affiliate Marketing. ​

See Videos below on my Facebook page


 ​ ​


  1. Hi Julia
    I am glad you commented on the information as that is what I wanted to give about SEO for your site.

  2. Thank you for your insight! SEO is definitely the big buzzword right now and the more we learn, the better we can use it to our advantage.

    Using the right keywords is essential for bloggers to gain momentum. Unfortunately, so many give up because they may be writing great articles, but don’t trust the process and instead go for highly competitive keywords before establishing any domain authority.

    Thanks for teaching us about this!

    • Hi Kristin,
      You are right about SEO being essential for bloggers. This is one part of the process that some are ignorant about. Learning all you can from experts is the right way to go. SEO changes and you need to keep up. I truly learned a great deal from this SEO Sprint just listening to Thrive Themes CEO and his expert talk about SEO. I am changing the way I go about blogging as a result of this great knowledge. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them.

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    That was an interesting post – I’m afraid I’m one of the many bloggers who is totally clueless about SEO – I tend to imagine that ranking is just way too hard, and the only people who find me are spammers LOL
    I use Yoast, but haven’t come across Rank Math before. Will investigate, plus some of the other tools you mention.

    Shame that course is closed now, but I’m afraid I never even got going with the blogging course you mentioned – blush 🙁

    I too use Thrive themes, but have hardly scratched surface of what it can do. I ought to tidy my site up a bit but scared of breaking anything LOL.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy,
      Glad to hear you use Thrive Themes as well. I am a customer of about 4 of their products. I love the video tutorials and helpful info.
      You can’t break anything Joy. Just experiment.
      I have used both Yoast for years and Rank Math for a bit. Both as different for various reasons.
      The course will be open again. Thanks for your comments.

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