Your Self Biz Journal

Do you want to  build your dream team?

 Maybe you feel like...

“I need to have more clients to make more money, but I'm already overworked to my max!”
“I have all these amazing ideas, but I just can’t seem to turn them into consistent income because I'm so busy.”
"I know I need more support, but who can I find to help?
"I'm worn out, overwhelmed, I wish there was two of me!!"​

...have you ever felt this way?

 You need to build a team to help you...this self biz journal for  your day....


​Start your day at 7 am. Check in  with your team to see what is doing on today.  Business management tool s  - Asana for communication  - as well as Trello  - and Click up. 


Afternoon  -a call on Zoom to discuss a project you are working on.

or .com  About a half hour. ​


Late afternoon -  finish up the project you have been working on for the day. Your office best practices have you closing up business by 4.00 pm.​


​Calendar management for blog posts, social media and email marketing are all organized - everyone can see what is needed.

Self Biz Journal

Your organization system for your business


  • Your business is managed by your VA helpers 
  • You have free time to create your projects
  •  Your biz can grow / scale
  • You have time to  give to your family
  • The increased revene  lets your business expand
  • Your biz becomes what you envisioned 


  • With no organization your not getting anywhere
  • No help means no business growth
  • Without business growth you stagnate
  • Your always working
  • Your biz cant grow with out money
  • Your business goes out of business


  I offer a variety of content management, social media strategy and marketing services. See my website for information on my VA services.


 I am selective about whom I work with and plan on keeping my list of clients to just a few so I  can provide extreme value to them and still manage my  business and family.


Let's hop on a call and see if we are a good fit. See my contact page.