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Time Blocking System

You are busy! I get that. It's  just so easy to get  lost in the whirlwind of daily online  interruptions  that stop you from reaching your goals.

You sit down to write a blog post and an email notification pops up so you peak at it quickly ....

Working on a  project and you remember a post you forgot to share, so you log into Instagram really fast.... to  find yourself down a rabbit hole...

Social Media, Facebook or IG or Pinterest  

Sound familiar?  


You may  have the big goals for

your business, but if you lose that

 momentum... or can't focus on

the right priorities at the right

time.  The whole thing can become

 too overwhelming...and I mean


I know how you feel. You feel confused

 and overwhelmed.  I have been there,

 big time! What you thought  was crystal

clear one time, has been lost. You can't

figure out how to get back on track. You

start to question your priorities. Is

everything in line with your goals? 

Time Block System

You probably have heard of this quote...

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“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” - Mark Twain

Another very famous author wrote a

book on the subject of eating frogs...

Brian Tracy "Eat that Frog!" Get more

done in  less time.

You know what what the  authors are talking about here ...organizing your day to the best of your ability. Time is our most valuable resource. In the chaos of life we schedule our days in a reactionary type of mode, if at all.  The result at the end of the day... we feel that were busy but still we wonder what  did we get accomplished. 

Do you have a schedule builder?

So How Can You Work More


We all have the same 24 hrs a day.

Successful Entrepreneurs just use the time more effectively by using time management techniques to get more done than the rest of us.  They have learned to use a schedule builder.

10 things you  can do today:

Get more from your day, stop wasting your time with a few simple actions:

1. Prioritize

2. Stop Wasting Time

3. Set Time Blocks

4. Take Regular Breaks

5. Remove Distractions

6. Schedule Brain Storming

7. Schedule Projects

8. Schedule Fun Time

9. Use an Organizer System

10. Keep Goals in Mind


My Scheduling  

Managing two workplaces, Offline and Online.

I am also becoming a new V.A.

My Work With Me Page so I can be of help to

others online with their businesses.

I still work part-time 9-3 – as a small business

owner and as a solopreneur online.

Actually, I’m up at 7:30 am I don’t stop until

 3:00 pm every day, but for me, that’s just the

way I like it! I get to have breakfast with my

husband, take Daisy out for her morning walk

then be home with them from 3pm on.

I still throw in an occasional hour or two after

dinner, if there is some special project.

I keep it as simple as possible. It varies as to the day

of the week because I still work outside of the home.

I use a schedule builder.


  •  I drink an 8 oz glass of water
  • Shower and dress for the day
  • Exercise (15 - 25 min dog walk)
  • Breakfast /Coffee
  • Clean up my desk for the day
    • Day job ( three days a week )

I like having my laptop on at all times.

I am ready  first thing in the morning and

(I don't have to  wonder what to work on.)

I find it so helpful  now to get exercise going

right away. With a new dog in the house the

necessity of taking her out, I see the benefits

of early morning exercise. Image of Daisy on

my porch below.

I Don't Start  My Day With Social Media

That is not conducive to my work first thing

in the morning. It took me a long time to

come to that conclusion.  Make this a rule in

your morning routine. Plan a time that is

best for you to devote what ever time you

wish for social media.

The same goes for dealing with your email.

I used to open my email and just react to

what others posted about their businesses. 

An email rule would be open them only when

you decide to. You have your own agenda to

work on, not reacting to someone else's. That

is why it's important to schedule your activities 

with a schedule builder.

"One of your top goals with your

business should be to get the highest

possible return. Every minute spent 

in  planing saves as many as ten

minutes in execution.

 It only takes about 10 - 15 minutes

to plan your day. Planning is really

quiet simple to do. It is based on you  

sitting down and making a list of

everything you have to do before

you start  your day" - Brian Tracy

 begin." Brian Tracey Quotes

Daisy on porch

How to be Strategic

To be efficient we need to be strategic in

how we structure our day. We need to plan and focus

on achieving our production as well as the importance

of adding value our well being outside of business.

1. Set aside 30 min - 1 hr to plan your week, that way

you are ready to dive in.

2. Add your personal obligations as

non-negotiable, such as family time,

 appointments, or meetings.

3. Add items as priority projects. Which  

projects have a deadline? Which projects

are the most important your your business

goals that you  have stated?

4. How much time do you  have?  As an

entrepreneur/solopreneur it is important to

know exactly how much time you have for each

project. This comes with experience. You can even

track your own time each day on each project.

Look at the big picture. Be more intentional with

your time, know exactly what you are doing as well

 and why you are doing it. Not distracted, which leads

 to overwhelm and stress. This is why a

schedule builder is so important to use.

Time Blocking System

When you have identified a project, set up

a time blocking system / schedule builder,

on the specific time you anticipate to

complete the task. This time blocking

system will ensure that you are not

wasting your time trying to think of

what you should be working on.

Do You Have A Morning Routine

That You Follow Every Day?

This gets your day off to the best start every

morning. Things you can do daily to help set you

up in the best attitude for having a successful day.

1. Get up a little earlier than you usually did.

Use this extra time to get as much done as

 possible. Look at your to-do-list and start to

 work without interruption.

2. Incorporate exercise into your morning

schedule. Yoga or as in my case dog walking.

This is something you do every morning

 without fail such as breakfast and  lots of


3. My morning routine does not include social

media. Starting out with social media is reacting

 to what others want. Don't put them first ahead

of yourself and your goals. Your time for social

media should be measured and timed so you

don't go down rabbit holes. The same can be

said for your email. Turning off  all notifications

 is a good thing. Planning with a schedule builder

 organizes your time.

Everyone's routines will be a little different.

 Change is the only constant.  


Things You Can Do to Find Your 

Best Morning Schedule:

1. What things have you wanted to try? 

(Learn about Pinterest as an example)

2. Do you keep a kind of notebook or  notepad

online, for quick ideas you want to keep track

of? I use notepad on my computer.

3. Anything new that you try, put it on a three

week trail basis. Keep track of it on a spread

 sheet (Air Table or  Trello) That way you will

 know if its worth it to  continue on with  it or

 drop it.

4. Building a new habit tales time. 90 Days.  If

you don't get it done today, schedule it for the

next day in your scheduler.

So now you have seen  my routine. I hope

it has given you some ideas on designing

your own routine. I've got a system that I

recommend if you want to dive  deeper

into finding a morning schedule that  will

work so you won't feel confused and

overwhelmed. If  you can't figure out how

to get back on track, you question your

priorities and wonder if they  are truly in

line with your goals?

Your tired and overworked. You know there

has to be a better way to structure your week so

you can have time for some  fun. You just don't

know what it is.

I have an answer for you. Something I use

every day  is a schedule builder to

organize my day.
"The Time Blocking System"

I am an affiliate for this product of  

Sandra Clayton's. She shows you how to

turn your biggest goals into  bite-sized

actions and weekly priorities.

Imagine having the freedom and the

confidence to focus on the things you

really want to do... You don't need more

hours, you just need to zero in on the

most important things you need to do

this week.

If you feel completely overwhelmed by a

growing to-do-list or just want more

control your week. The Time Blocking System

will help you connect your daily tasks to your big

vision goals, so you can reach them FAST.

Clarity of your Goals

You need help getting crystal clear on what you

should be working on daily and weekly to

reach your goals. You really want to be more

productive and just need a simple system to

plan and manage your time, a schedule builder

 like the Time Blocking System.

If you’re tired of seeing your goals get out of reach

 and want to bring them back into focus, fast.

You are ready to feel excited about what you 

accomplish instead of overwhelmed by your

to-do list.

You want a high-level view of what you should

be working on and the roadmap for getting it

done all in one place.

You’re already planning your goals and just

need more structure and discipline so you can

 achieve them faster.

You want the satisfaction of seeing steady

progress as you work toward your goals each


You want to spend more time doing the things

you're passionate about and less time doing

everything else.  Please feel free to contact me

about my VA work.

Time Block Course

Time Blocking System Course on teachable
How to plan your week with time


Plan a simple week with complete

control & confidence broken down into

small steps.  Three templates

  1. Goals
  2. Hot List
  3. Calendar

Plan your week with time blocking!


The most important work  is done in your  mornings. Set aside that time to focus on just one to three projects a day. Schedule your routines. Review your progress at the end of your week.  Post things that didn't get done for the next week. 

Write a blog post - with graphics and the rest of it, 8 hrs realistically. To-do-list. Move to Tues. Same with other things on your list.  If you need help. Tasks that still need to be done, can be done by a V.A. Like me! See my contact page.

Time Blocking  System

Plan your entire week every Sunday one hour/ half hour  time blocks
Time blocking system links to the  down load on your Google Drive

3 Templates  

The Goal Setting Template
The Hot List Template
The Calendar Template

Use a schedule builder like .... the
Time Block Your Way to Freedom

and Clarity  Simply click below



Kathryn Maclean https://www.facebook.com/KathrynRMaclean/
A certified Social Media Campaign specialist   

using Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Affiliate

 Marketing as well as a Virtual Assistant

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  1. Excellent article Kathryn,
    Without a schedule we can go round and round all day getting lost in distractions from social media to our dogs looking so cute we have to play with them.
    Eating that frog is something I do apply since I had learned the phrase. Do the most difficult thing first in your day and the rest is pie!

    1. Thanks, Donna!
      Scheduling your day is the only way to not get lost in distractions these days online with our businesses.
      Brian Tracy has made his considerable fortune with his “Eat That Frog” type of organizational books. He has written more than 80 books!
      I do not schedule playtime with my cute dog, lol. I do schedule the dog walk first thing in the morning, that way I will do it.
      Thanks so much for your comment. PS If you’re looking for a great VA? I am available!

  2. I love how thorough this list is for scheduling your day. I recently committed to a set amount of minimum hours I’d work on my website but I feel my time isn’t used proficiently. These tips will help a lot. Thanks!

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Committing to a set amount of hours to work on your web site is the way to go. It’s hard to discipline yourself but that comes with time. Thanks for your comments.

  3. When I made the change to working on at least one focused money-making task BEFORE I checked my email in the mornings, I suddenly became much more productive. It was a tiny change, just an hour of working before even looking at my email inbox, but it made a huge difference in everything.

    1. Hi Loretta,
      Thanks for your comment about your way of being much more productive. I hope it encourages others to do the same. It really makes a difference if you stick to a schedule rather than just sitting down and wandering through your day online. I did just that but I too have seen the difference to being more organized since I started working as a virtual assistant. Cool site btw.

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